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At all so Apparently there's something that has to do with theology. It's kind of interesting because we do know that it's a week. Mu opioid receptor agonists and a lot of the weight-loss medications we use especially for benji or similar. So there's an excellent medication called trae. Which is brokering on wellbutrin. And then naltrexone which is Partial agonists partial intact list so perhaps great has a similar mechanism of action to that. And that's some of the beneficial effects that people get Obviously that's a relatively safe medication and we prescribe fairly often So a case could be made. If you're not overly sensitive to it perhaps you could take it for a long period of time and have no negative side effects. That being said i've seen lots of cases and people it said create him you know Been horrible for them and It had withdrawn from it. And they already do it again. what are some supplements that you personally take. And what are some that maybe you do seem to prescribe almost all the time to just about everybody or is there anything like that. That people that you think is just like healthy. Good practice that someone should take every day whether it be. You know vitamin d. or something that's heart healthy. Your brain healthy got suggestions for anything like that. Yeah the vitamin d. I digestion You know as humans change in culture changes we spend a lot more time sitting and inside like we are right now so A lot of people have insufficient or even deficient vitamin d. And through this pandemic. i've seen more patients with lower vitamin d than ever so vitamin d. Three supplement Is one of the most bioavailable one a question depal to pop in with on this Is there any is there. Is there any dangerous levels of vitamin d. You know years ago. I started popping tons of it when i started here about the benefits of it. Like i've heard from some people that it might not be a good idea to hurt from others at that. Say it might even cause calcification and things like that. What's your take on that with the research show at that. Yeah absolutely It is a fat soluble vitamin so d- aka and e take with the d. Those are your fat sally vitamins. And if you're taking almost all vitamin d and you're helping absorb that in the gut. Perhaps you're absorbing less of your other fat soluble. Why'd they generally want your level between about thirty and one hundred so i have seen a couple of patients with levels greater than two hundred eight kim. Build up in your liver. So that's where your body stores a lotta your fat volleyball vitamins. That's why you don't wanna eat an entire bare liver so next time you're team prepares Only part of that liver gotta remember that scary high levels save essentially toxic levels of fat fiber vitamin. But no no danger otherwise to take like a kennel. If you don't go over one hundred. There's no danger. There's actually good studies combination of vitamin d. Three vitamin k to Helps prevent atherosclerosis or ordering other any other supplements. They usually suggest to most people. I suggest soluble fiber and biotic fiber pretty much everybody so the amount of dietary fiber has decreased significantly dietary fiber or soluble fiber for example liam and fortunately dietary fibers listed in nutritionally too. So it's pretty easy to tell you even if you don't want to supplement you can get pretty much everything from you know whole foods that you can get from a supplement as well but it helps raise your good. Hbo cholesterol and probably your aibo life. Oh protein a one which is kind of a good political hdl it also helps with into insensitivity and then it also helps decrease colon cancer risk which is becoming more and more common. There's a reason why they changed the screen from fifty to forty five so Soluble dietary dietary fiber will help with that And then the prebiotic fiber component think of your body rudimentary as a fish. Take your probiotics. Which is the microbiome in your gut as the fish and then the prebiotic fiber. That's the fish booed taking probiotics time. But you never eat any prebiotics fiber like garlic chicory root Anything with anyone in it. Which is derived usually reroute leeks onions. Things like that or a prebiotic fiber supplement bene- fibers one of the most common ones. That's gonna help actually feed the good bacteria in your gut because you have millions of species so even if you have the best probiotic that you know No the There's only gonna be forty or fifty strength in it at most and even if you're eating kiefer and cambodia and kimchi and all the other good probiotic foods. There's still only so many. They're likely used to be on. Average a million species of unique bacteria. people that are sixty five cluster. Older lot of them have one hundred thousand or more unique species and now a lot of kids these days possibly partly due to diet and partly due to the antibiotic apocalypse often. They have less than ten thousand species. So the concern. Is that all these kids. When they're older are going to start getting see. Do you think someone like a carnivore. Diet may not be a good idea with your Fiber recommendation And also do you think that Maybe the average person could utilize a lot of fiber.

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