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Live on iheartradio affiliates. All across the state of Florida. We're gonna take a look at the panhandle in just a moment. Obviously in the aftermath of hurricane Michael. There were big questions as to how voting would take place up there, if they had everything together and ready to go, and and what turnout would look like and joining us on the hotline right now to discuss that and more we have USA today. Florida network political reporter, Anna, Anna, how are you? God God how good? Thank you so much for joining us. So real quick tell us a little bit about some of the reporting that you did on the panhandle leading up to election day. Sure. So I headed up to the panhandle five days before the election. Early voting going on, and you know around with its devastation. You know, there were empty hole. Everything was still. Businesses were closed or empty. There were still some outages cell phone cell phone for not working in some area. And there was a lot of people voting early who remained bare, but they're still were a lot of people and voters who lost their ballots during the storm. And so it was a very big concern or election officials to make sure that you know, that you'll actually could still be carried out, and we found that statewide they were lagging they were at the bottom of the state in terms of voter turn out and early early voter turnout with both absentee ballots, an imperfect building what have you heard about how things have gone today in the panhandle in terms of people turning out? And in terms of polling locations functioning as they. Normally would. Well, you know, you know, it's the central time over there. So Paul are closing affect now. So we don't have the latest numbers. Right. Seven PM or six PM morale around thirty PM. I got the number and. It looks like while the rest of the state is an overall voter turnout counties are seeing kind of like a hybrid between Mitcham and the general election turnout in August. And now that, you know, your general election search higher turnout, and they're not really following shred. They're matching the 2014 veteran overall turnout, but they're not really surpassing that. Yes that we have. I gotta jump in with Anna right now as the panhandle votes come in. We are looking at less than nine hundred votes, separating Andrew gillum and Rhonda Santa's right now at forty nine point four a piece right now. I mean, the Pinot votes are coming in right now. This is going to be. Wow. This is fascinating. Yeah. It's an outsider and let me ask you this. Was there anything else aside from the panhandle? The you were particularly focused on or you're going to keep a close eye on tonight as a result start to roll in. Sure. Yeah. I. Were that the MPA are gonna land if they're gonna lean democratic at the polls suggesting or are they you know, were they going basically and also to county, you know, tabolid Pinellas which went to Trump a twenty sixteen right now, it looks like they're flipping with not all the, you know, we're not all the reporting done. But so far it looks like and Nelson art doing pretty well at county which went by one percent in two thousand sixteen. So that will be an interesting one to look at USA today. Florida network political reporter, Anna Sabaot, joining us here on our Florida decides election twenty team coverage and a thank you so much for joining us. We appreciate it. Now. Thank you have fun. We have some breaking news now out of district twenty seven in south, Florida. The race has been called Donna Shalala has flipped that seat to the Democrats. Of course that seat. Is is currently held by congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Who is retiring? The matchup was between Donna Shalala, the democrat and Maria Salazar the Republican Shalala had a slight lead in the real clear politics average leading up to today. The political report ahead as a lean democratic seat. Hillary Clinton won that district twenty points in two thousand sixteen. So this was one the Democrats should have taken here in these midterms, and they have so with about a little over sixty percent of the votes in Donna Shalala at fifty one point seven percent Maria Salazar at forty six percents, and we hope to have on congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen a little bit later on on the broadcast to get her thoughts on her seat. Now going to the Democrats. Some other seats have been called. Mario Diaz Balart winning big time. In in his race. He he it's already been called. He came in about sixty one point four percent of the votes defeating Mary Florez who had about thirty eight point six percent of the vote that's district twenty-five north central western Miami, Dade Collier Hendry. And and this was a race where it was pretty much lean Republican butts. There were some some thoughts out there that it might be a little bit closer. This is this is a pretty I mean, a really solid win for congressman Balart. I thought that race was going to be in fact, the the idea was is that she was going to get close now. And then the challenge in in twenty twenty and so that goes to show you that these races. Do get localized that. That's why Chaleo's able to win on one side of the county and ES Balart able to win on another part of the county. So the idea that there's a wave going through? Doesn't seem to have been happening especially as we're looking now at the full picture the eight fifteen now now the Republican the red wave starts to strike a across the state eight fifteen eastern time seven fifteen central time and taking a look at another district. Cumin Cuban a close eye on district eighteen to Saint Lucy, Martin northeast Palm Beach Palm Beach gardens the Brian masked. He's the incumbent Republican congressman there and Lauren. Bayer who is the democrat challenging him. This was a lean Republican seat and he has handily won that race. It's already been called for Brian mast with about fifty percent of the votes in. He's sitting at fifty four point four percent and Lauren. Bayer the democratic challenger at forty five point six percents another race that a lot of people were keeping a close eye on was the the Stephanie Murphy race that would be district seven. Here in the state of Florida Seminole northeastern orange part of Orlando winter springs, seventy Miller, the incumbent democrat, Mike Miller, the Republican challenger the polling and show. This is a is a pretty close race. Although it was it was the cook political report added likely democratic Hillary won by seven percentage points in twenty sixteen. Stephanie Murphy running away with that it has been called that was supposed to be a competitive race. Mike Miller is a good candidate. But that's that's heat has the demographics and that seat are changing quicker than the performance level. Have you seen anything on fifteen yet? I'm trying to see if I on the Spanish no district. Fifteen the latest numbers that we have here have Spanish at fifty two point eight percents and Kristen Carlson, the democrat at forty seven point two percent. But I don't have a number as to how how many precincts are covered with those results. Well, I'm just I'm so I am just transfixed right now by the gubernatorial race as it goes back and forth. Right now, we have we have Rick Scott with eighty seven percent of the votes in Rick Scott fifty point one percent and Nelson of forty nine point nine percent. There's about what does that that about ten thousand votes, separating the two I can't. I mean, this is this is I will say this the smart Republicans in the room said that this was the way it was going to happen. This is what they're polling showed. You know, we talked about it in the first hour that if if the Santa's was going to be when if Nelson was going Scott was going to win. It was going to be by thirty or forty thousand votes. That's literally the number. That's how smart these guys, you know, the guys that make the big money. That's how smart these guys are right now with the Santa's leading Gillam by thirty five thousand votes. That's exactly what an inside. That's also inside the margin right now. But we still have you know, there are still I'm looking at Miami Dade only seventy five percent of the vote is there Broward. I mean, I don't know what you're doing Broward. There's only thirty five percent of the vote in there. So that is going to be I would imagine he can pull a slew votes out of Broward County. Hillsborough county only twenty four percent of the votes in as well. So not a lot. There are a few counties in the panhandle where we don't have anything in obviously. So the the race for governor and the US Senate race neck and neck right now. Rhonda Santa's a forty nine point six percent, Andrew gillum at forty nine point two percent with ninety percent of the votes in so very very close races. Really? I it seems to me what we're seeing right now a lot of races which were supposed to be potentially pretty close going the way that they probably should have whether it's a race. Like, the the the Stephanie Murphy seat going heavily for her or the Brian master. Mario Diaz Balart seats going very heavily for them. So we're seeing things kind of shape up in in a little bit more. I would say of a conventional way. Well, and it's the disadvantage that we have. All of we get results at seven, and we get those from south Florida, and they are early voters and the and then then we get election day voters from the panhandle. And it goes it's like, it's a gradient, and it goes from deep blue to read, and then it balances out, you know, I'm looking right now. And it's an, you know, a state Senate seat that I've told you, you know, I'm keeping an eye on Dana young versus Santa Cruz fifty point zero one percent to forty nine point nine nine percent. In a battleground seat right now right now with eighty nine percent of the votes in is fifty fifty between Scott and Nelson only five thousand votes a little under five thousand votes, separate the two of them. We're gonna keep an eye on all the latest results in when we come back. We're going to talk to UCF political science professor and analysts Dr Aubrey Jewett. It will get his analysis of these early results here on Florida decides election twenty eight.

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