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Interview with pop superstar. Katy Perry, I was delighted to discover that she has deep curiosity from the idea that we all might just be ants living in an ant farm to her total crush on. Is it Newton? So let's do this. Kulu tonight might comedic co host is the one in only six years Mehta. Y'all might nowhere as the former cast member on SNL here. Just so you know, we don't bring on just any comedian to be my co-host a little bit street Greek decreed street. Geek geek crit. Yes. And I understand it. You are named after an alien crystal from one of the original episodes of Star Trek. Yeah. Whoa, parents attractive. It was a episode called by any other name, which is very at. Joining us is my friend and colleague, Charles Lou Charles. Astrophysicist, but that's not why we have on the show really. You're a fountain of knowledge. All things pop culture as well. As s tonight we're featuring my interview with pop star. Katy Perry, she's sold more than one hundred million albums worldwide. She's the number one followed person on Twitter with one hundred million followers. Okay. She's three triple platinum albums, and her latest release is an album called witness in two thousand seventeen. I recently was invited to drop by her pad, her digs in Los Angeles just to hang out and chat about the universe for star talk. Let's check it out. This is Katie. For inviting me to your space. My name, this is it. Lows barking because she wants to ten just like leather. Other are used to walk dogs when I was a kid and I use that money to buy my first telescope. Really? Yes, hey nugget, no parking, good girl. All right. Let's go outside. I am so love what you've done with the excited to talk to you. So thank you so much. Rush, it's called star, talk star talk..

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