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And it's time to brainstorm so don't hesitate now talking about things changing in this week's episode my guest katie. Whitmer struggle talks about all that has changed for her in these last two years professionally and about how she dealt with the sudden change and uncertainty the covert pandemic brought onto the industry. She works in and onto her own career journey. Because i always liked teaching. I did seek out extra teaching opportunities and curriculum development opportunities as a student not. Everybody does that not everyone's interested in that but that to rate that all countless professional experience i was in charge of developing a curriculum four courses as a phd student. I can write that on my on my on my resume. I can right. I have curriculum development experience. And i have been doing it for the last five years. Was my job title learning experience designer like it is now no but that's exactly what i was doing and not role so so many of the other tasks that we do have resume line items. That are a big deal really valuable in the corporate world. Welcome to papa. Phd with david mendez. The podcast where we explore careers in life after grad school with guests who have walked the road less traveled and have unique stories to tell about how they made their place in a world of constantly evolving rules. Get ready to go off the beaten path and hop on for an exciting new episode of pop each. Welcome to this week's episode of papa. Pg this week. I have with me. Katie wieder mice trumbull. Katie loves to spend time outdoors with her husband and dog and believes that she has mastered baking the perfect chocolate chip cookie. She holds a phd in environmental science from the university of texas el paso where she combined the social and natural sciences to study conservation of endangered sea-turtles giddy has a strong background in from in informal education..

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