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Jason and alexis in the morning catterson friend with heard a cat is a pillow hugs you back croutons on the salad of light a cab is an angel that poops in a box come on down for our thanksgiving caddock opio giveaway here whiskers hi i'm barbara life veronica but how can say gotcha many of these rescue cats come from owners who didn't value their special so let's take a look at today's fbi lineup allen isn't himalayan and you can find himalayan on the couch kristen wig kate mckinnon doing whiskers are we on welcome back jason and alexis in the morning i'll play a little bit more of that in the next break i love it so much jason lex and well let's listen to a little bit more hold on a minute you stand regular cat williams for you american idol fans we call this cat this is simon cow because he's a grumpy british short hair and he knocked up his best friend's why.

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