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To tell you about the jets beat the Steelers in New Jersey sixteen to ten Sam Donaldson under eighty three yards and a score the lady on bell against his former team seventy two yards rushing for catches twenty one yard the Steelers use two quarterbacks DOT colleges eleven of seventeen a hundred and eighty four yards and to fix bark like a dog Mason Rudolph fourteen of twenty a hundred and twenty nine yards and a score Dion take Johnson eight catches eighty one yards and a touchdown for the Steelers if they lose at the Jet sixteen to ten Steelers or even seven and the jets are six and nine course back on Saturday used to be Tampa Bay that was yesterday Saturday twenty three to twenty New England twenty four buffalo seventeen in San Francisco thirty four thirty one over the ram so San Francisco has clinched the NFC west as actually they are let's see their game up on Seattle with the two teams playing next Sunday night that's complex to the Sunday night game so the Seahawks can still try what to check could tie breakers with a shocking loss by the Seahawks at home to Arizona tonight Kansas city at Chicago the chief lieutenant for the bears seven seven tomorrow night big battle in the NFC north eleven three Green Bay is at ten am for Minnesota Broncos twenty seven and the lions of seventeen when we return we'll hear from a coach Rick Fangio what is the farm bureau locker room show presented by Colorado farm bureau insurance real service real people serving Colorado since nineteen fifty this is the Kaylee Broncos radio network game day traffic still seeing heavy.

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