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Let's. Let's. Let's look at his whole thing. Because there once was a time. I'm old enough to remember this. There was a time when. All you would see on TV were these cop shows Hunter Magnum Pi T. J hooker. You know. He will see all these shows like Miami. Vice Okay. where These these men were doing macho things that were being cops they were you know taking down drug dealers, they were you know sex in. Beautiful attractive women they were driving fancy cars dressing nice clothes. Okay there was getting shot at and they were doing some shooting you know back at the perpetrator and. Nobody wants nobody wants popped up and say, Hey. Their behavior is toxic. This must be toxic masculinity because they were falling in line with the status quo that had already been set in place, which is that why guys with guns? Are The Poster boys for Masculinity in America. The poster boy for being might show in everything heterosexual for men. You know. I don't care what kind of man you were. They were the poster boys. They were the models. For Masculinity. So if you were Latino kid if you were a black kid. You need to be modeling yourself after William Shatner or Tom Celik David Hasselhoff somebody you know saying Don Johnson. You know, of course, Philip Michael Thomas was on that show as well but you know. You know the hip black guy that would say some cool shit from time to time in every nine, and then he might get him a little trim. You. Know for the most part for a long time in entertainment. The model for masculinity were white guys period. And I don't recall anybody ever saying that. Hey. What they're doing for the behavior that they're exhibiting. Is Toxic. This is toxic masculinity. Nobody ever said that. Okay. But we don't look at things through a historical Lens. It constricts out view. Okay. We don't get a wider. Picture you know it's kind of like. You had a smaller TV. He was watching the basketball name you really CONC- Michael Jordan on the other end of the court plan defense you know. But when you got bigger TV, you can see the entire court you see Michael Jordan. Scottie Pippen Toni Kukoc folks you can see bill car, right you can see Horace Grant. You can see the whole squad on the floor at the same time, but we are still looking at these issues through very small scope. And it's hurting us. Because supposedly this is twenty twenty and when what is twenty twenty right is is is Vision is great vision but if the great vision can only focus on one damn thing, you might as well be blind. You might as well be blind if you got twenty twenty and you can't focus, you gotta be able to focus. And, focusing on the wrong thing will only make that particular thing grow and expand you're going to magnify. Okay Wherever your attention goals. That's where energy flow. Wherever your attention goes. That's where energy flows wherever you pay attention to. Is it going to get larger? Is going to get. Larger. In it's just how it is. You know. So we're giving all this attention to the issue of. The comments that Lonnie love me. Okay. So. The backlash is already started. She's getting ripped apart on twitter. You know she'll probably come back in and have a rebuttal statement or make an apology. Okay. But once again. You know. She already put those words into the either we noted this is how she feels. You know I've even seen some pictures on the Internet of her some White Guy and he's supposed to be like your boyfriend or whatever. Okay. So. You got cheated on. You got dumped power with so what it happens. There are some things that are directly linked to slavery in some some things that are just not. Just not linked. So for you to make. Dan Loose Connection Miss Love. was a very poor thing to do in front of the entire world. But Hey. If I had the platform, I would probably say some things that a lot of people would disagree with as well. You have to speak your truth now your truth. Your particular exclusive truth. You know and in a roundabout way. I'm sure. Has You. Know maybe. One iota to do slavery as a whole. But if you, WANNA. Make that connection. Hey, by all means. But like I said. You ran into a cat. Who did you dirty? As they tended to. Okay But it is what it is. Some Gaza trash he are. You know. Some guys attract. I'm not GonNa Bash Women. I'M NOT GONNA get into the whole women do this. I'M NOT GONNA I'm not GonNa do that I'm not gonNA fall into that trap. But what I'm saying is people people people make some bad decisions and as a result of those bad decisions, other people get hurt. That's it. That's with most of your interactions nowadays. And you can even. Relate that to other things besides relationships. Driving. Assault, cases. You know. Just. Everyday life. People make bad decisions and as a result of those bad decisions sometimes usually. Someone else gets hurt. That ain't because money and power. because. Money and power. Me? A certain someone. assassinate. Another certain someone on the third of this month and as a result of that, there's an impending war by the happen but You. Know. Black, men are not concerned with being truthful. Relationships. That's the bigger. Of course. and. I can go.

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