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Today it's 3 11. We're learning the identity of the man killed by Montgomery County Police this weekend. 52 year old Kevin Costello was said to be driving erratically on route when awaits Saturday morning. Montgomery County Police say he crashed into a car after driving on the wrong side of the road. They say he also forced another driver off the road prior to that. When cost low came out of his vehicle. Police say he begins swinging a piece of wood and struck a Montgomery County sheriff's deputy. That deputy attempted to use his stun gun on cost low before firing at him. Montgomery County Police have yet to identify the deputy who fired the shot, But the investigation into the fatal shooting is ongoing occasion. James W. T. O P News, the union representing U. S. Capitol, police officers plans to hold a no confidence vote this week and the department's leaders more than a month after the deadly January 6th. Ryan U. S. Capitol police acting chief, You'll get onto Pittman is promising significant changes. Two operations policies and procedures after five people died, including a police officer when supporters of former President Trump stormed the capital. But the chairman of the officers union, says Pittman, a 20 year department veteran and other members of upper management have been the problem all these years. U S CAPITOL Police Labor Committee chairman Gus Pop a thon, A CEO says the union has no faith in the leadership of Capitol police, and we'll go forward with a no confidence vote in the department's executive leadership. Dick Uliano. W. T O P NEWS the Fairfax County School Board has voted to allow students to attend in person classes twice a week. By mid March, Students pleaded with the Fairfax County board to go back to in person classes. I want to tell you how I feel stuck in their own September stand and spring for six hours a day, and while they got their wish many of their teachers will remain at home. 1600 teachers have been granted an American with disabilities accommodation, meaning they have an underlying health condition. Or maybe at a high risk of severe illness from the coronavirus. Those teachers will virtually connect to teach classrooms full of kids and help students out around 850 classroom monitors are going to be hired. Those teachers have the option of returning to the classroom. Once they've been vaccinated, Luke Luke W. T O P News students will be returning to their school buildings in the next few weeks. We now know more dates for those returns in Northern Virginia already it is not time. For this pivot Alexandria School Superintendent Gregory Hutchings, with numbers showing slightly less risk teachers, getting vaccines and mitigation process is in place to try to avoid spread in schools, he says. The time is now K through fifth grade with disabilities and English learners will return to Alexandria Schools more second by March. 16th students in all grades who chose hybrid will be back in buildings two days a week in Arlington County Superintendent Francisco Diran says Hill announced returned dates for all grades at the next school board meeting on February 18th Milord unstained Wtl Pinos Stick around for sports Next It's 3 14 remodeling for how you Live today. Here's Bob Gallagher, president of Sun Design, remodeling sharing how remodeling can bring family and friends together, there often is a flex space or recreational space for Example. One might have a ping pong table or gaming table of some kind, so that family can come together and use that. But at the same time you want to have that space be able to be converted to a different use My guest bedroom for Example. But how those spaces and the intention of those bases fit into that lower level and how they all work and how also it becomes a space that you want to keep going back to and using and not had a vision that doesn't actually get implemented fully because it's not being used. Joins son designed at their virtual remodeling and design seminar on February 25th learn important tips when hiring your remodeler register it, son designing calm that son designing dot com sports at 15 and 45, powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. With that countdown to the Super Bowl. J broke three hours 15 minutes. Danny throwers Super Bowl 55 from Tampa Chiefs going for that second straight. Of course. Tom Brady, looking for another ring would be his seventh and speaking of the goat, as he's called here, he talks about one of his favorite targets in the passing game and well in life. It seems I think everybody wishes in their next life. They can they come back is Aziz Rob just because he's got such a great personality about him? Just his way of being positive and He's a real high achiever. He's very competitive, and I see the competitive nature. The determination like if you're when you're down and out, you want him with you. There was a report out if the book's win, head coach Bruce Arians of Tampa Bay could step down with Todd Bowles remember him used to play for Washington. Taking over elsewhere. The NFL salary cap expected to be $180 million, the new season to the ice, the capital's lost their third straight regulation game. 742 Philadelphia. No T J. Oshie with an upper body injury. Jacob Rara of Rana with covert protocol is the capital. Next take on Philly Once again this Tuesday at six o'clock and in the association there in the fourth, The Wizards are down 1 12 86. In Charlotte. This is Game three of their four game road trip. Hornets trying tow break a two game losing skid Pistons during an agreement on a trade to send Derrick Rose to the Knicks. For Dennis Smith Jr and draft compensation. Jay Brooks. W T O P Sports coming up after traffic and Weather. George Shultz, the long time secretary of state to President Reagan, has died. It's 3 17. Here's Ed Walters, the chief customer officer at the General Services Administration on the discussion, improving the digital customer experience in government sponsored by Zendesk. One of things. I'm very excited about the customer experience. Community in the federal government is how collaborative we are and how we're not working in silence. We're really thinking about How do we support other agencies and ultimately support the American public? Listen to the entire discussion on federal news network. Government organizations rely on said as to deliver the best.

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