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HBO documentary deadline artists, wrestling and Tamil. Tabloid columnists who for decades where the scribes of and four working class New York. Breslin died in two thousand seventeen Hamill is still writing, but the newspaper world, they populated is all but vanished journalist and author Jonathan alter co directed and co produced the documentary with Steve McCarthy and John block, John alter welcome to on the media. Thanks, bob. Good to be here. Breslin and ham over giants. But they were giants mainly of the last century and mainly of New York City for the benefit of younger generations, and those of our listeners beyond the five boroughs who are these guys every community in the United States had a local newspaper columnist who was basically a Jimmy breslin wanna be. That's how big breslin was Pete Hamill was not as famous as Jimmy breath. Zlin, but he was a sort of dashing figure he was dating the most famous woman in the world, Jacqueline Onassis and a top movie star Shirley MacLaine at the same time. Neither of these guys finished college. They both came from the streets, and they reported on the streets. What's remarkable about these two? And I guess, you know, this better than anybody is that there were larger than life at almost exactly the same way they were pug nationless creatures of the street pounding out columns for the tabloids. In fact, here's one of the star. Journalists you interviewed for the film. I mean in the early days of journalism, you didn't have an Ivy league degree, and you never made a particularly good salary. You were much more launch Shirley of the street. Then you were when the whole thing became a profession that voice sounds familiar. Here's Pete Hamill expressed a similar thought once.

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