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W. DPO is this on Christmas show thank you for joining us we are on the seventeenth green what the hell is that what what is that clap it's like a golf club I've never heard that before can you play it again please okay Tiger Woods has won the PGA tour let's give it up for tiger like what like what is that that's on the second green it is a poor for with the link on the right side keep it down to just a second everybody keep it open just a second Jack Nichols nickel said Nicholas Nicholas no Jack Nicholson is a celebrity event okay he is set up to tee up with Kevin delivered I don't know why what is that where you got it it's a little on the the same applause but knows that the spice up let's go with applause clap clap with two caves that's disgusting Hey so we have a talking about the topic of transgender athletes transitioning from male female female male and competing against what they identify with our chat room T. H. says that they transition from being a raiders fan to a forty Niners fan is tough that's a tough break man forty Niners didn't have too much luck this season let's turn it over to the open Mike so we'll take your calls yeah these transgender people trying to compete the women's sports I only got two words for these kind of people parental disappointment I'm sorry you feel that way you know I feel a little different about this before we take calls I should I should throw out how I feel about this because my feelings about my feelings matter okay so here's my thought on it I opened the door for disagreement I respect somebody who is born a certain way and then feels a different way or doesn't know anything else because of what their their brain is telling them in other words I support somebody who is transitioning somebody who is transgender and the majority of the reason is I have no contacts it's not like I've been in a position where I can understand exactly what they're going through so who the hell I might add to tell somebody else they should feel a certain way just in general you know if somebody may it gives somebody a compliment and goes Hey you know you look really good and then that person leaves and the compliment they gave too that that person turns being a what what a jerk I'm like yeah you just gave me a compliment yeah but he was being sarcastic I I'm not gonna sit here and tell that person no all right that person meant well it's like I don't know what you're feeling it's not my place to be in your head so anyway so again it's not my place now it raises a concern and mostly from a person born as a male who transitions to a female and then competes rather than the opposite way because think about it if a female is taking all the drugs to transition over will mail joins the NFL and is hit the crap out of other guys then nobody's going to bed at night but it's because there are claiming what I'm thinking is claiming an unfair advantage from male to female than competing and my thought simply put is clearly these other girls know that this is a trans gender who has transitioned to female so would be the worst thing to have anybody who transitions to have a a third category or for three and for a third and fourth category of competitive genders like can you can you go male female trans gender female transgender male can you do that does not cost too much commotion do does that community even want that because they sit there and go they want to be create are treated equal but then how do they even know that they're trans gender so gets into this whole gets into this whole kind of mess here all right let's take a call eight four four two two zero zero nine six five let's talk to George right now George what are your thoughts about transgender athletes by what it Lario it is that you could identify the woman all you want but you're not a woman if you have a weaker you're a man yes right program biologically the man has some characteristics that are stronger and that's your body muscle mass and stuff like that so yeah for example if I decide I'm fifty one years old right now about this I could be a twenty one year old can identify of the twenty one can it be envy yeah and I asked him yeah you make you make small points George but so I have a little more insight into this because I had the same questions as you and actually there's somebody who is a fan of my work who I've gotten to know over the years who I had no idea all these years was a trans gender who transitioned into a male was born female transition to to mail tied the same thoughts the difference I think here is is that you're a fifty one year old male who just decided one day that you wanted to be twenty one that sounds a little ridiculous to your point now George you're saying will to you it sounds ridiculous for somebody born as a mail to just want to become a female and the difference I have learned is that these people are born with the parts but have never felt that way in their brains they've always felt even though I'm born with the male parts I've never felt a mail from the moment I was born from the moment I can think of two three four years old now if you were to tell me George from the moment you were born you've always felt twenty one years old your fifteen sixty there's people like that who exist there's people who are eight nine ten years old to go I just connect with adults I just feel like an adult I have adult thoughts and that's how their brains are organized and then there's people who are fifty sixty years old who are dumb as rocks and they probably can't even say this but they probably are like six seven eight year old mentalities because it's all in their brain it is their brain that they can't control they're gonna decide to be smart they just another slow their down that's that's just who they are nothing against them but that's who they are so those are my thoughts George what are your what what your rebuttal on this at the end of the day scientifically the mail in the mail well we we have some advantages in muscle mass and body composition yeah and at the end of the day if if if you look at the sports that was reset believe maybe a couple years ago a fight where MMA trans for a female and he destroyed I mean basically destroy beta both well the cheek bones and everything well you got a pen that's that's there well the answer to that no could you get again good points but also talking about the MMA I've never seen an MMA fight where one person doesn't have a broken nose by the end of the fight so I get what you're saying it might have been a little unfair advantage whites but you know you mentioned something really interesting and I have a follow up question George are you a conservative man it doesn't matter no no I I asked I asked because I you know I'm gonna transition into something that seems left field but what are your thoughts about something like climate change do you believe in that do you do not but let me tell you a lot let me tell you what I believe yeah and here is where everybody goes crazy you've got to be a good store of nature but trust me I'm not going to be the log entry yes because Joe Biden or a lawyer say the measures are melting and and and you already know what I what I think about it now sure sure we go one point all the water and buy all the orders absolutely not that is common sense just common sense yeah no I agree with that a hundred percent that's what I can't yeah but are you listen to all these guys are preaching to you hello our little warming driving won't work every time they go to war yeah what are you up for a new stream and they won't spend twenty thousand gallons of fuel but if you're worried about me that drive my little Dodge ram yeah well hold on George you made such a great point with common sense that a lot of people don't open their eyes to yeah there's just common sense here people you know if if you're going to sit there and pollute our oceans that's just not a smart thing to do forget whether global warming or climate change is real just stop being stupid just like don't do things that like whether whether we know for a fact that it's affecting us or not just don't do those things the reason I ask you though about climate change and about global warming is simple when you mention this trans gender you mention science and he said it's a scientific fact you're born with certain parts and a lot of people who will argue climate change global warming and I you know I don't really know or even I stand on it I just stand on just let's be logical about it but a lot of people are arguing if you do the research scientifically our glaciers are melting and scientifically our world will be coming to an end shortly if we don't fix our act up so it's interesting that you mention science in one hand but then it out kind of disregarded it when it came to global warming or climate change it's all about what is not on my door and the world is ending okay nobody knows when the world than I am if they come across your ad and worried that the world is gonna come up and if it happens it happens I had no control over it that's what I'm talking about common sense you know one of the employees of the later well you don't want to go in and put your house will let right because what what does it do it kill you exactly yeah I let in your book so yeah a common sense everything well the government is now when you go to extremes on everything I'm not it it it it it doesn't do it for me man I'm I'm I'm a guy yeah I got your number I'm gonna tell you I'm yes I'm conservative yeah but I'm common sense yeah I'm not going to be sitting here worried that there are the best team in Miami in doubles and you know within a and we're gonna be flooded out and I will have a home or not nothing like that hi I lowered my daily routine and if it happens it happens what can you do that's a great man well you know George I want to thank you I wanna thank you big time because you know I I I don't I don't connect with Democrat Republican I'm a logical person it doesn't mean I'm down the middle I'm just logical all right I I I follow common sense as well but there were a couple of things that we kind of don't see eye to eye on and we still were able to have a really good conversation to George I thank you for that I want you to have a great night all right now in order to disagree all right buddy thank you have a good night you too George take care what a great color I love that Hey let's turn to the open mikes because it sounds like we can get silly now I feel like after really good call when we just do something completely off the norm nice palette cleanser yeah right okay so this is going to be in between your appetizer and main course well my whole view in this whole transgender boy in women's sports if you me playing with my god thank you pee wee Herman really kind of use that I guess all right let's turn over transgender athletes okay so we have a caller you know what we're actually going to take this caller who had called in before change their name on us we do have caller ID my friends from colony out you're going by Jimmy from Idaho which means you heard about us.

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