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In the upper thirty's by the end of the day the complete accuweather forecast coming up right now detroit metro airport is cloudy and forty four degrees wwl wjr news time now twelve o3 big news from congressman john conyers today here's more from wwe chase charlie langton bombshell one congressman john conyers resigns as of today bombshell to endorse as his son john conyers the third to take us boys many thought the great nephew in conyers would get the nod not the case the congressman speaking from a hospital bed said that it was time believe but denied the recent sexual harassment allegations was the reason congress also said that his forty three years in the congress will not be tainted by these recent sexual harassment allegations reporting from detroit charlie langton w j newsradio nine fifty following the announcement from congressman conyers some are calling for officials to release all of the names involved in paying out settlements in congress wwe k city reporter vicki thomas joining us live and local with more vicky jackie reverend carols williams the second president of the michigan chapter of the national action network among those gathering outside of the home of congressman john conyers here in detroit williams says the group is joining with the southern christian leadership conference to demand transparency and they're kicking off a national campaign what is good for the goose is good for the gan and we are calling all nancy pelosi hey man speaker paul ryan to release the names of every congress purse bed has said a lawsuit their alleged sexual harassment and racial discrimination and he says they're using the hashtag for this campaign the hashtag is release the names reporting live.

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