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A bunch of them out there too and Skip passes and stuff like that bounce passes throwing in two Defenders leverage instead of out away from The Leverage, you know that second throw that he had after the belong Myers completion where the middle of the field Jake opened up like, you know, the The Parting the Red Sea Forum that was an easy pass at any, you know, High School quarterback could have made and then comes back on the next throwing throws right into the Defenders leverage and almost throws an interception. It just I'm reading out Leverage is making leverage base throws is just such a simple part of quarterbacking that you know, any NFL starting quarterbacks should be able to be able to see okay, you know, the defender there is got inside leverage on this throw and throw it in Breaking route against an inside leverage corner, cuz I'm throwing into the Defenders body and into his, you know area to kind of intercept a pass, but I think mainly what you see with both of these khong Max's neither one of them are really the answer but secondly it in terms of kind of just evaluating this this team. If you're going to put any quarterback in there we can talk about all of this we can talk about trade land suck about Zach Wilson we can talk about Justin fields. We can talk about Mac Jones and Kyle Trask and go around Stafford and all the NFL quarterbacks. If they don't improve the roster around the QB to wide receiver and tight end position. I don't care who you put back there. It's not going to matter all that much no doubt, but last week near the end of our post game show. We talked quite a bit about how what they should do with the draft. And you know, I was saying that I would I would just load up on weapons address it again and again and again and again both in free agency and multiple times in the draft. If pits is there when it's your job to Draft take right then go receiver then sign a free-agent receiver and and you were saying well you need the quarterback. So we're in a real chicken and egg sort of spiral here with with with with the situation wage. They need both they have to address both simultaneously the problem is when you make I think you can get weapons and stockpile them because they're available but they're always available in the draft and there's a ton available in free agency, but you pick wrong at the quarterback position. You might be stuck into a long-term contract or a you draft the wrong guy. Definitely, you know, you take a Haskins type person who you're not in love with but it's the best available when you're picking and you've got to develop them for a few years and that can set you back a couple of years, which is why for me I have to think they gotta go for weapons first because you can get them and then maybe it's another stopgap Gear with a quarterback. Maybe you're waiting for a year or two until the day I arrived but the last thing you want to do is rush into a situation where you trade for somebody or give a long-term contract to a person who's a slight upgrade who's still not going to get you where you need to go and that's sort of been my job..

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