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If my heart rate word to drop below a certain level i could you know by the actual level or whatever so is so is that what happened so so your heart rate drops down yes oh i would be far the accident after about some things and he sent me today are we did earn the me to do some lab they did lab and it showed up a problem and so they will mean down to the er and it would while i was in the yard that i actually coded oh gosh perk high so quite quite fortunate miracle of again pointing it actually occur i mean if you're if you're you know if you're going to pick a place to be you might as well be there right yeah well you know i'm gonna tell you about some stuff but i'd like to you to ask your doctor about it be because you know i just want to make sure that he's cool with us there's a there's a product called e heart monitor and that's it's like a the letter e and heart monitor and then he hard monitored there's a band and then there's also a watch that you can wear they also has a pulse tom and so that this way you can check your oxygen level and then you can also record your polls and okay and of course the band in the watched as the safe thick but it's different in that unlike a fit that just tracks it and then sensiti your smartphone is that you can set thresholds in the app and on the watch on the band says if ex happens contact.

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