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So that that was. He got a pitch up at his eyes and he just Tomahawk crushed it, it was one of. Those no doubt about it, and that's back to back games with a Homer for. The for the newcomer and that was it Phillies did, take a three. Nothing lead in the scoreless. Game up until the sex Philly's got three in. The six Cesar Hernandes, walked Reese Hoskins flied out Nick Williams. Walks a first and second Dan strategy comes in for the Marlins he walked Santana bases loaded Cabrera, pops out in foul territory the first base of two bases loaded and, Oduber on a one to pitch with two outs laces a single to left field to run score and Phillies went up three nothing and then In, the top of the. Seventh the Marlins struck back with three they knocked out of the game Galloway. Led off with, a infield hit and then Derek Dietrich crushed a two run Homer Sarangani comes, in he struck out the. First two we faced Brian Anderson and Castro and then Justin Bauer homered and tied the game at three all to take Aaron Nola off the hook was the. Pitcher a record on alongside until that Homer off. Sarangani and that made it three three and that was it until the bottom, of the eighth Nick. Williams singles to center Santana, flies out for the first out Cabrera comes up crushes. The two run Homer to right field way way out, of there is. It was just a one. Of those shots no doubt about it Suzanne left. The bat and just, a trade that's paid off already very. Quickly and you know it's interesting some of the trades that are the best ones as they say, the ones you don't make and let's look at Michael Franco and his, production. Has been Been unbelievable Franco today with two more hits with an with an RBI since June twentieth Michael Franko has raised his average from two forty one to two seventy six and isn't it amazing how a. Little tray talk and light a fire guy me he. Looks like a different guy and he's now since June twenty hitting. Three thirty three he's got a three seventy six on base percentage. Five ninety eight slugging and his oh PS during that span is a, span of thirty six. Games is nine seventy four for Franco for Michael Franko and when you look. At them in, that span he's got the fourteenth highest batting average in all of baseball since, June twentieth his just under, a thousand and you know it's going to get up there In a bit during that, span is in the top twenty in baseball during that span he's got nine homers eight doubles Twenty-one rabies all in thirty seven games since June twenty so You just think how close, the Phillies word a, shipping him and you never know in that situation is a guy just. Kind of, he's always been a streaky player was he just put together, a good week good couple of weeks but now this, is really the longest sustained extended streak of his career, I mean he's just hitting the, ball solidly big hits to out hits hits with runners in, scoring position at a good glove which that's never been an issue with him and he the glove has always been there but. Really over the last month over the last five. Weeks, he's been one of the best hitters in baseball and the, way he and Hoskins are heading in the way this team pitches, they're just, not, going to. Lose that many games now. The problem with this team early on was defense and bullpen and there's no one guy carrying about Deuba was. For a while. But now oh doable hidden Hoskins. Is hidden Macau's hidden so you got three big bats. In There, and the pitching has been there just about every single, night they're getting tremendous starting pitching just about every night, we'll come back we'll take a, look ahead of the Phillies road trip we'll take a look, at the pitching matchups in the Arizona series and what's coming up next for the Phillies as they try to win this division, title and it's exciting baseball in Philadelphia for the. First, time in seven years I'm also going to give you a, crazy stat about where this Phillies team ranks one hundred eleven games, compared to, every, Phillies team..

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