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Nets, Boston, Celtics discussed on AP News Radio


The nets rebounded from a loss in Boston on Wednesday as they knocked off the Celtics on Black Friday 112 to 107 the next jump down to a 14.first quarter lead but Jayson Tatum hit 43 pointers in the second to pull Boston to within 3 at halftime Spencer Dinwiddie key the nets win with 32 points and 11 assists Joe Harris had 12 he realized the next had to play tough when you that their physical team we played against them Wednesday night in Boston and so you may we made a point try to be more aggressive team tonight Kylie Irving the X. Celtic missed his eighth straight game with a shoulder injury but the nets of 15 of 6 and are 10 and 9 on the season Celtics 13 in 5 might make you so New York

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