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They violate their principles. When Democrats controlled the Senate in the next Congress, we must abolish the filibuster and expand the Supreme Court because they will have stolen a Supreme Court seat as they did in 2016 and violation of their own principles. In a statement, Senator Markey says, We must fight for Justice Ginsburg's legacy We must mobilize, organize and remove President Trump from office in Rochester, New York, Attorney General Letitia James is calling on the people to work with the city to find the gunman responsible for killing two people and injuring several others in a shooting this weekend to need to take off. Take these guns off about streets, and I would hope that individuals I'd come together and join together to address senses Gun violence. James also announced police body Cam footage will now be released to her office and not at the discretion of local authorities in the wake of the death of Daniel Prude. Boeing 77 37 Max jetliner was grounded 18 months ago now following two deadly crashes, and now congressional investigators have provided the most scathing account so far of what went wrong, calling it Ah, horrific culmination of errors here. CBS's Chris Van Cleef committee chair Peter DeFazio is finalizing FAA reform legislation. Well, I'm astounded that we can have a system. We're both Boeing and FAA find that they were compliant with the process and yet 346 innocent people died. That means the process doesn't work. The 245 page report argues Boeing employees made a conscious effort to conceal the existence of M cast to avoid potential delays from additional FAA scrutiny and the possibility of additional training requirements. Massachusetts Department of Public Health just now releasing new Corona virus numbers. The state sees 340 new cases. That's more than 125,000. In total. 3 40 is significantly down from yesterday's numbers. They also announced 15 more deaths, bringing the death.

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