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You know, if I say yet, he you may just picture a Bigfoot or skunk, ape, whatever the regional variation of this creature is and I do think that is important is removed for to think about the fact that there are variations of the wild man being in various cultures basically, like a bipedal creature covered in hair that is. Seen all around the world, but has distinct origins in each case. Right, right. Yes. But I was looking I wanted to get a little competitor snapshot of the this ape like beast as far as like Himalayan traditions, go. So I ran across a very very insightful piece titled boot unease tales of the yeti by Kuehne Zang Codan tales of the creature exists through the Himalayan region, and the author points to the different names that are given to this entity so into Tibet, there's gangs me or glacier, man. There's me Sean POE or strongman and meet chin PO or great man, the sherpas call it yeti, the lepres call it chew moon or snow goblin. I like that one or low moon or mountain goblin in Paul there's Nile new or ban Monchy. He didn't provide a tra- transformation translation for those. But I'm assuming some treatment. On these various ideas, you know. And then the boot unease say Migo or strongman or also Greg PO so we get this idea of like figure of of savage cold strength with possible, you know, goblin a qualities as well. So chosen writes that the idea here dates back to the pre Buddhist bond writings, the the pre Buddhist animist religion. We mentioned this briefly in the last episode the indigenous religion of Tibet it came up because. Mt Kailash amount Khayelitsha in in the Himalayas is a peak that is holy not just to Hindus who believe some of whom believed that Lord Chiba, and poverty dwell on top of mount Kailash, but it's also holy to some Buddhists Jane's and members of the Bon religion, the Tibetan indigenous religion, and apparently some Bon rituals, call for the blood of amigo a. Slane with a sharp weapon. Whoa. Yeah. So so this was a pre existing idea. But then you get some westerners involved writing. And then you get this idea exported, and and and reignited in the western mind, so British traveller William Hugh night of the royals. The Royal society's club recorded a yeti siding in nineteen thousand three on his way back to India from Tabet. And then there was another sighting in eighteen twenty five by a westerner by Greek zoologist in a Tomba's -i who described it like this unquestionably. The figure in outline was exactly like a human being walking upright and stopping occasionally to uproot or pull at some dwarf. Rhododendron bushes. It showed up dark against the snow in as far as I could make out wore no clothes, and then later you had print sightings, and and so forth in the nineteen. Fifties that helped popularize the idea of the yeti in the west various films, certainly. Tell television series like in search of helped to contribute to this idea. And today the the interest interest in the continues. But there remains no proof that the creature exists. In fact, examination of preserved evidence of yetis tends to lean toward the intentional or accidental misinterpretation of another animal or its handiwork. So DNA worked from the past few years, for instance, points to you know, directly to a at Asian bears as the source of the samples so in all of this in any any time. We're talking about a yeti citing even in the Himalayan region. We can't discount hoaxes and various other reasons, but we when we consider the potential affects hypoxia and. And these other like a high altitude situations now, which all I think in some degree related to hypoxia. A you know, we we might be talking more of a full blown hallucination and then at lower altitudes the effect could just be enough to make the individual. You know, see what they want to see when they glimpse in normal animal or another human being. So I found this idea of first of all there is I did see this idea echoed in searching for the mysterious monsters, a two thousand fourteen book by Jennifer Rifkin. Now, this is a kids book I wanna hear about you'd normally we don't cite a lot of kids book..

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