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This is gone seven thirty A. and this is a live sharks all of the downtown we at the at the center not all five managing a crisis Saudi Aramco the most valuable piece of land in the world has been battered by drones how can I. fifty percent of study Radko's overall production the question from markets is very very clear is this a five million barrels of oil a two day four day event was it a full week of and to get that level of production back into the system the United States Mr trump authorizes ask your release on so he tells the world he's locked and loaded in regard to what's happening and who is responsible so we'll talk about the geopolitics out of course the Saudi Aramco I kill people with my next gas is getting first what headlines around the world and about Jews as with the team in Hong Kong. thanks Dennis the latest data from China show you get more weakness in the economy and the government stimulus may not be enough to offset the effects of the trade war industrial output rose four point four percent last month from a year earlier well below estimates of a five point two percent gain retail sales also miss for constant expanding seven and a half percent against a projected increase of almost eight percent. the trade spat between South Korea and Japan is set to heat up this week was sold ready to exclude from its list of trusted export nations Yonhap says Japan we bundled together with nations that is still part of Kariz exploration but a broken ground rules for have adopted unsatisfactory policies Japan remove Korea last month from its own white list of favorite export nations. UK prime minister Boris Johnson insists he's working flat out on a break the deal telling the Daily Telegraph city can finalize an agreement at a later summit two weeks before the deadline yes the Brussels later today for talks with the EU commission president John called you guys warning against that is warning that hot split next month will create on a chaos the last four years. some Korea say Kim Jong un has invited president trump to pay only a fool would be this amazing the joongang Ilbo says the offer came in a less to live it last month and so as a separate night from came that the president made public earlier. working level talks in school since he sees summit in Hanoi ended without a deal it's not clear whether the president has applied to I the last. initial estimates of the damage caused by typhoon foss sign Japan for the build up to seven billion dollars the store will force the closure of Sony Nissan factories in Tokyo and stranded thousands of people in a race to apple's including the England rugby squad preparing for the imminent will come up foss I also a cop how along the east coast with local utility TEPCO saying almost half a million customers were affected. news twenty four hours a day on it and the tickets are going to adopt a more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries I met a vocalist this is one that gets the markets when watching..

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