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Good, good. So from wasn't my intention. So. As you pull away. Out into the main harbour Ford for the first time in a long time, you feel. As as the stress of the sequence passes over you. The sincerity of being the home of a ship. Bypasses the momentary frustration and it feels good to feel that wind in your hair again and to be guiding it to the waters and seeing the dark horizon in the distance, and you feel that kind of bald rage subside looking past. You can see the guards are still running up the streets with their torches. They'll probably be a search party. Oh. The good news is you don't think they were paying attention to the back of the ship thinks to the distraction that you said. So they don't know the name of the ship. So that might help to your advantage. It is called. Not it's called the missed. With an eye. No, pushing past midnight to the very early morning hours. You make your way out and as far away from the edge, you can see the the lights of Nick drawn into fate a bit just enough. You can feel comfortable Maria's, they're bound by ropes. They're still kind of while behind and looking all this. I'm. Who the fuck aria. Fucker. You piece of shit. No, I know. I know you're is asking him fucking piece of shit. My name is Marius the Paul. We know. I'm saying your piece of shit. What's so many things. I'm very confused doing ducks this evening. Looks around these. I was coming to. Tell some business contacts of mine that. Something had hired me forward pan out. Yeah. Do you have been to know where those business contacts came from these these people? Do you know? I don't know. The very mysterious would've been anything. If we said that we come there and gifts and that we are looking to see the captain. I'll reach behind my hand and use minor allusion and create a little replica of the cat is fear and hold down. Okay. He goes..

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