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Appeared again. Five inches. Very puzzled by Mets can either in Milwaukee. Yankees back home after Thursday off the Minnesota Twins are in for the weekend. The islanders face a must must win tonight. In Raleigh down three to the Carolina Hurricanes last night. The avalanche shut out the sharks. Bruins beat the blue jackets both those series to to in the NBA. The seventy Sixers rolled past the raptors one sixteen ninety five Philly holding serve taking a two one series lead. Sports at fifteen and forty five around the clock marker a ten ten wins. Sports wins news time, eight seventeen in lewiston. Maine dad dropped his thirty nine year old son off at the Bank believing. The sun was going to cash a check with the son was actually doing according to police was robbing the Bank, the sun did not mention this. When he got back in the car dropped them off in another part of town. But does that was driving back by the Bank the cop stopped him because his car match the description of the Bank robbers getaway car son was arrested charged with stealing six hundred twenty dollars is waiting getaway car driver and father was. Not charged. Police believe the father really didn't know anything about it. An elderly couple in Australia had some explaining to do after they signed for a package that was delivered to their house by accident that package contained seven billion dollars worth of meth police say the couple last each other. They had ordered anything when they realized they had not they call the cops who eventually arrested the twenty one year old man who was supposed to get the package. The police were pleased saying that the happy accident meant that they were able to take eight hundred thousand hits of math off the streets of Melbourne. Couple over the U K had to take their dog to the vet and the dog had enough money to cover it in theory. There are nine year old labrador. It'll had eaten the equivalent of two hundred and eighty dollars US cash the vet charged one hundred seventy dollars to remove the cash, but he didn't want to be paid with what he got out of the dog owners think they might be able to get some of the dog processed bills replace that the Bank of England patchy fog touch of drizzle.

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