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At the loose ball but killie of cited call it on the floor was horrible and sell put that it's going to be a gelled poll easy easy road felt for extending moulay go go with the chillier was doing the same from the floor as they are separated enough very tense helium4 ruling on the la have slowly what a guy son of what what are you doing what are you trying to go there now hitler ron janes all the credit because he's the guy who initiated the contacted the plucked the ball away from two and yet that made it a scrum out there now when you're in his fraud you cannot a part of foul guy or just because you want to be a flood sky you can't put them on aligned with innovative all natural with you in here as peculiar have that rightly extended toward the boy of sharper remember the foul last year on the run james vintages series it was rabai green was reaching off your that area so they're gonna be video with you may i i thatthat's a loose everybody's going for the wall change made me laugh by different hands the guys on top of guys and then if you're on the war and you of the ball and a guys coming on father you you're not disclosing sake far i just landed on my chest i know you're going to protect himself it's basketball it's a physical game with the additional retail it goes back a check to flagrant fouls all the players you could see twirling their fingers for calves won them to check it out well that's what we've gone could everything you expected to be a flagrant today and he also played what you do with hey got to structure the ball far who had the ball art a junk wallets something walloped stopped ryan of penalized guys because they're fighting breweries his wall there has to be gone back when you have guy that big caralan has the headset on backed issa conscious shed malloy originally center mark davis with second official at the table as well now foot say head said on here with a midday tend to go in the third quarter leveland one o9 of warriors ninety three a mustwin for the cavaliers film three games to none dallaire just took they had set off another three officials.

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