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Geita metro station and i was like hey you can on the trains like now i got a car i prefer the nice very nice fence i'm i find it them like when you started out with that story unlike his untucked a homeless guys in the chance for people who live at the metro prefer the cars i wonder if in the dc or is this a cultural thing because yeah you have dc you have the district itself but it's such a suburban area in the area of survey rounding dc is just so suburban in suburbs you are so dependent on your car you know you can't you can't night have your car in the suburbs i you may be e may have train lines go in and out of the city but that's if they're not going to go to the the mall where you need to go that type of thing so i think that's why in in an area like this the the mentality is an even into mass transit because the only time you use mass transit is if i want to go into the district while i don't want to go into the district i wanna go over here so i don't take mass transit 'cause i wanna go over there so it's easy to send the demand talent is more much more car centric that makes sense yeah i mean look i i i've anything that can alleviate traffic pressure and whenever i hear stuff like this like everyone use mass transit i'm always thinking in the back of my head i hope everyone else that i know uses mass transit and not me said they get off the road yes exactly please i hope everyone starts using mass transit because than i can be free on the roads to dry so if it were if if the metro were running in the morning when you come in here if it were we're running you knew there would be practically nobody honored be great eagle probably just topic hop on income here would you do but given the hour actually have a protective talking about reality it so much faster to drive it is i just wip around that beltway at this hour at three o'clock in the morning a year the reason they need speak cameras at beltway just saying 522 and wmal tune to diabetic now you can get your testing supplies delivered to your home of little or no cost you plus free delivery of the free meagre call the twenty four seven diabetic health hotline right now eight hundred eighty eight fifty one eighty one eight hundred.

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