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Dot com the learn more traffic on the tens every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Dana has news ninety three point one K. B. K. party tonight with a low fifty partly cloudy tomorrow high sixty eight it'll be sixty seven Friday than seventy one on Sunday seventy in Placerville right now seventy three in citrus heights it just looks cold out through the window and the seventy one in Sacramento at news ninety three point one KFBK as we're building a better Sacramento well today a Sacramento based technology companies edify announce their expansion and a new investor in the company the company has grown really rapidly in just two years they plan to double their work force by twenty twenty one well then if I has recruited more than fifty percent of its employees from Sacramento state and that's why sacks they president Robert Nelson was at the press conference this morning it was a really nice conference press conference I met five of those students who were there one of the students said to me you never expect to hit a home run when on your first job that I hit a home run and then a fire a return back and said yeah we got a lot of home runs from texting in sacks and by sought out a lot of the C. S. U. S. students they come to our job fairs and they got to know us the the company I moved here from Idaho and part of the reason they moved here was because of the sac state students and how good they were and then if I tributes much of their success since choosing Sacramento and as president Nelson sees it say it says similar quality of the students and of the faculty her teaching them and that is again sacks a president Robert Nelson we will have more online at Kay dot com the afternoon news with Kitty o'neill and you want to reach out about building a better Sacramento you can email me it's Kitty o'neill at Cape became dot com just ahead only KFBK.

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