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From our government than what we get right right now and add to i t of course we're gonna hold their feet to whatever fire we can't even this aggressive progressive show probably will um and and uh and just keep watching because we're going to be talking about everything that they aren't doing and of course citing what did go well and maybe brought long hopefully broth long is better than uh than brown who miss so dearly um okay moving on now to politics uh you'll recall when when donald trump gave his remarks about charlottesville in the aftermath of charlottesville he was flanked on either side of him on both sides elaine chao was there so too is his treasury secretary steven mnuchin and gary cohn um i point out that they are jewish only because it is pertinent to this story gary cohn was taken aback supposedly by the president's remarks he stayed with the administration as did um as did the steven mnuchin but a lot of the business leaders on a couple of the panel's left and a lot of uh the from the adl to the simon wiesenthal center of course the southern poverty law center people that speak out on behalf of those who are slated by hate and racism uh white supremacy it cetera spoke out gary cohn did not steve mnuchin did not will where we learn now today through the reporting of the new york times the gary cohn had drafted a resignation letter saying that he cannot apparently because the letter was released that he can't countenance staying with this administration what he said publicly in an interview about his standing with the financial times is this i'm it's a this was with the new york times but it through financial times citizen standing up for equality and freedom can never be equated with white supremacists neonazis and the kkk i believe this administration can and must do better inconsistently and unequivocally condemning these groups and do everything we can to heal the deep divisions that exist in our communities as a jewishamerican i will not allow neonazis ranting jews will not replace us to caused this ju to leave his job.

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