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Outscored the grizzlies fourteen to six to close out the first quarter in denver lied to by nine there but a turnover on the inbound pass to start the second period by watch o'hern and gomez gives the grizzlies the basketball right back and the inbound goes to davis at the 3point line talked to the key to tyree gavin's off to a cutting mackel more back over to thai rick left side assault contested two jumpers though good of the rebound comes down to will barton barton jobs it up the left wing denver up nine look at attack on barton guarded thereby mac l'amour maintains the dribble breza back to the right side of after media who gets a plumlee pick back on top to barton head fake on the three sits down the lane and he throws it out of bounds a trap a wraparound passed but marks two big yeah he's backed up long arms arap it around who saw yes it was last touched though by the grizzlies denver basketball elite with five seconds on the shot clock moody a look soon throws a diploma a foul on the inbound here on davis there we go this strong postup their caused the pile denver basketball on the side now the shot clock it'd be reset the fourteen seconds and here we go want you look soon throws it into a manual mutia mulia gets a plumbly pick not much of one throws a diploma lee on the thick and fought back over to watch all gets down the lane as it stripped out of his hands of the second turnover in thirty seconds for juancho coast to coast as tyree hansen after mac l'amour he beat moody off the dribble runner no good not can account anyway offensive foul on him it's amazing how the grizzlies review the take a wide open theme put instead they did try to drive to the basket good recognition of what's going on wait is that been funded a charge in mood has the other way here for denver nuggets leader by nine nobody who scored the second quarter so far ludi angels rightside over to will barton gets a plumlee pick split the defenders with a dribble picked up his dribble girls rights i too want you back over the barton barton backs up lap l'amour gets a public beck again falls down drive in the district plumbly back over the.

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