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I just talked with a good friend of ours about philip evans in-depth and i just don't see it. I literally no idea what you're talking about. But i'll say this. I think in two weeks evans is basically just taking the south. Southpaw at-bats from colin moran. And that's oh moran might be an everyday player okay. It should be underrated. Who i have roster places but i think that's what ends up happening evans. By the way one other injury. Here dexter fowler. It's a shame you never wanna see. An injury. Tore his acl over the weekend. I think they're gonna play. Jared walsh and right-field more and pulls first base and lagaras defensive replacement so it doesn't really affect fancy. I don't think joe adele coming up anytime soon. They have not made a sound about that. When you see injuries you often think okay. You know this the I don't think prospects are coming up right away because they hadn't played any games. There's no minor leagues in april. So even jared county seattle. Like he's not getting a bats so projected earlier that he would. He was going to be promoted by now but they can't do that because not playing. Where is the dell right now. Is he in the spring complex or is it the alternate side because the alternate sites. They're playing. They're playing other alternate sites in games right like phillies are playing mets and yankees and scranton wilkes-barre and stuff like that and kingery. Still striking. I've seen some reports on stuff like that i. I don't see. Joe adele coming up soon so you can add them their teams. But i think jared walsh who should be playing right field will be playing right. Field suggests by the way that he is the alternate side. So i guess. It's possible but i agree with you. I think that is the way they go. They played walter the other day him right so he might ended up getting you know eligibility there so first base an outdoor which is nice but the fact is he hits. He's glad i've got him. In a bunch of owning a lot of big adjustments last year comes up thumbs up on him all right by the way otani did not pitch sunday. That's the risk and having them to weekly league as a pitcher you get. You got no pitching staff from shohei ohtani last week. Nero right and you don't know whether he will catch this week either. That's why i don't wanna rostrum pitcher. The fed right there granted. They didn't have a game for him to pigeon but still he wasn't going to pitch. He wasn't going to pitch they're going to be. He's not making twenty starts. Not how many weeks their season twenty four. He's already missed one. Twenty five scoring periods. Twenty six sundays. I believe it is but he's not coaching them. All right what What did we miss trivia. Now we gotta run back to trivia here. Since twenty seventeen the woods corner infielder caused a higher batting average. Justin turner the underrated. Mr caribou guest anthony rundown who's third just behind turner on that list at three. Oh seven turner's at three zero nine. The guy trying to get at three sixteen again. This is with a minimum one thousand. Pa's over that stretch. I'm guessing it's not like a freddie freeman type sport. You're going right down the top five hundred probably like david regimen or somebody like that like gandhi. Yeah right. I mean it's probably somebody's gotta just got elvira true that he did just get over thousand. Pa's but it's on a no name. It's not a no name but he got over you pop town mike. You said that's probably somebody who only played for the past year plus and just barely got the qualification. gosh corner. I mean you cornered so. It's not like a tim anderson Mayhew neil jeff. Mcneil's the correct answer three sixteen good caller good strategy. He played enough vase need then. He had a birthday on thursday. I'd never a bad reason to give martin o. Shout out yeah weird lineup shenanigans. Going on with the mets where they're batting and behind jonathan vr. But hey be go met be your men to you do you. And the stroman thing. That's what that's going to affect fantasy. He lost an outing. Marcus stroman lost six inning outing but maybe would have gotten. I don't know but actually in fairness there he might pitch sooner than five days later. And i hate that because now messes with the pitching rotation for. I hate the fact that i needed him to pitch in a league and win and yes i lost my head to head matchup because of that i was not league. I had jd martinez set. It's going to have a sixty day impact on fantasy planning. We hate that and they don't care about that but the point is that was dumb back me like you know. We live not too far away from their look closer to them than you do. And i knew there was no way. We're getting in a game in new york yesterday. I'm amazed at the mets. But whatever all right well we just got in a fantasy focus baseball podcast and we do appreciate you listening. Don't forget to tune into the baseball tonight podcasts. And every morning they do it every day during the week for the latest in terms of those closest to the game all right. that's it for kyle interest in. I am eric for everybody who makes baseball great and it is a great gain. Despite how much we complained about on today's show have an awesome week..

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