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Happy friday everybody at nine point nine five in the morning while paper or plastic it doesn't matter because either way you're going to be charged five cents if the governor has his way he has to sign it i the legislature new jersey this is all new jersey the legislature signed it yesterday five cents for every bag paper or paper but only one cent goes to the stores four sets goes for the government to waste that big black hole known as the new jersey budget but he has to sign it murphy so we'll see if he size well let's check in with alice stockton rossini who was out there in new jersey blowing up paper bags and pop them alice good morning actually i've been lacking rain and calling everybody i can think of get clarification on upper vision in the bill that restricts bag use restricts any other restrictions municipalities from imposing anything other than the state wide proposal so the state wide proposal goes into effect on tober i any municipal or county regulations in place already would be grandfathered but local efforts to restrict bag use after that would be banned so you've got a ton of municipalities particularly along the jersey shore they want to ban bags or they want to impose fees here in hoboken we're right on the water here they want to impose a ten cent fee for a bag wow that was this proposed in june yeah ten cents you wanna bag it's gonna cost you ten cents state law then was superseded and we'd have to be five cents that's correct and less hoboken passes this ordinance before october first now unity's exteriors communities that have already passed ordinance completely if they're already past their grandfather did.

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