President Trump, Richard M Nixon, Congress discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


It's an integral part of the process sacred as a general matter. But when it comes to the president. It's a different situation. The grand jury who heard all of that evidence about Nixon and his apparent crimes they weren't. Sure. If they could do anything with the evidence of crimes committed by the president. Because what a grand jury does is indict people and cana- president being. This is this is a difficult thing. The way it was resolved in one thousand nine hundred seventy four was elegant the grand jury collated all that evidence that it had gathered about Nixon's alleged crimes enough for an indictment for sure they made clear, but because it was the president what happened was the judge overseeing the grand jury proceedings ruled but the secrecy of the grand jury proceedings terms of all that testimony. They collected all that evidence. They collected about Nixon's crimes the secrecy of that process. Could be broken in one very specific way for this one very specific case her judge's orders. They were cleared. The grand jury was cleared to collate all the evidence. They had collected that might otherwise be used to bring an indictment against the president. They were allowed to put that evidence together in a sealed confidential report and instead of creating an indictment. They were cleared by the judge to send that document over to the judiciary committee in the house for them to do with as they saw fit. It to start the process of impeaching the president to remove him from office, basically here from the grand jury use this information not to put the president on trial in courtroom use it to put on an impeachment trial against him in the congress. The grand jury is allowed to break secrecy in this narrow confidential way to provide that evidence to the only court in which that president will be tried which is impeachment proceedings in congress to potentially remove him. That's what they did. That's what happened. And what they sent over to the judiciary committee from the grand jury. That's why Nixon quit. He knew he was going to be impeached. And he Clint well now today for the first time we've got that report. We've got what the grand jury sent over to congress. You can see the handwritten note at the top filed under seal March first nineteen seventy four and then you see the title in re report and recommendation of grand jury concerning transmission of evidence to the house of representatives quote. The grand jury has heard evidence that regard that it regards us having a material bearing on matters that are within the primary jurisdiction of the house of representatives committee on the judiciary in its present investigation to determine whether sufficient grounds exist for the house of representatives to exercise its constitutional power to impeach Richard m Nixon president of the United States. It is the belief of this grand jury that it should presently defer to the house of representatives and allow the house to determine what action may be warranted at this time by this evidence. And then it just lays out all the evidence in the simplest possible. Terms. And this is like a sixty page fifty sixty page document, you can read it in. You can read it on a coffee break because it.

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