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On the eastern in eastern afghanistan from there victor attacks had been mounted against pakistan so that's uh that's the beauty at the end we need to actually sit together it ended up and and how we can uh emily this situation not to believe but supporter to beat the dead horse you've already spoken very eloquently about with parkistan is done to help us what examples can you point to to prove that pakistan as the president claims has not deceived the us had not received you will you sir what examples can you show or say to refute the president's point that the pakistan his lied and deceived the us told me if you don't want to hear that al qaeda and organization that mug it is fun four nine eleven how did that ikea how did that help it happened because we cooperated with each other and not because we deceived each other um so i think that is a very clear exam that to uh that that we work because you but there is still a very sore point between the us and pakistan deal summa bin laden problem he was found in pakistan we are we are happy that you've got but we are not happy the va if happen there is still some simmering anger about what happened when the us found osama bin laden in pakistan and we'll get into that when we return the target us and the national security podcast i'm jay jay green and you're listening to target usa the national security podcast on this program we've been talking to pakistan's ambassador to the us eyes us chowdhry about president trump's tweets accusing them of being liars and deceiving the us while taking billions of dollars in aid money and he's responded to that saying it's hurtful and it's disappointing but we've also asked him as well about pakistan's role in allegedly deceiving the us and we continue that conversation so how do you explain than the old thumba bin laden problem he was found in about a bad after years of hunting.

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