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I know. Perfect. Through the cracks good. That's good. That's the truth. You do fall off the wagon, especially the first three months is the Tahoe. Yeah. That's the toughest. Because you suck it budgeting when you first start. Yeah. And it just takes a little while to get to get going. And and to do that the good news is you have you actually when you had no plan. There's no way to know if you're off the plane. Yeah. We thought we were doing good because we really we paid off our credit card every month. And we're like, oh, that's that's the goal. Let's do every month. So you don't get fees and things like that. But that's not the goal anymore. Nicer. So you get your twenty four and twenty seventy six twenty four and twenty six and while you're working on this for the last year and a half, fourteen months. Thirteen months are you hearing these? Reports in the news and so forth about millennials and how they're stuck and they're clueless. And the world is us against them and their dumb because you guys are yet. Another example, I'm eight millennials like y'all all the time that are just completely rose. And d do you does that offend you? Or do you just do you look at your friends and go, well, that's them. There really are that way. Or I mean, do, you know a bunch of others like you because I see people just like y'all all the time. It's crazy. How many people you look around? And you see them living paycheck to paycheck. But we do have a good sport support behind us, and our our cheerleaders who are your biggest cheerleader. I'd say probably my are probably my family. My some of my brothers. Follow your plan while you're playing. So they were always there behind us. My family supported us to. But they're not really the Dave Ramsey fans. They don't get it. But understand when we were saying we're not going out to dinner because it's a tradition Saturday nights. I've gone to dinner with my family and therefore while we weren't doing things like that. And they didn't quite get it. They do now. Well, now, you're there can do whatever. So that that's perfect. Yeah. Well, I guess what I'm asking is as rockstar millennials. Are you not a little bit insulted by people saying that your whole generation is like stupid or something? I mean because you're not a lot of times being in sales. I go door to door. So I'll walk into people's houses. And they'll just look at me. Now like, you don't know what you're talking about. You're only twenty four or things like that or and it's kind of insulting. Because just because we're young doesn't mean we don't know what we're doing. And doesn't mean we're not motivated to learn and try harder. So some people will some people our age won't take the extra effort to make things nicer work hard. But we do. So I guess I maybe I'm just I think I've got a skewed view on this because it's like the vast majority of the millennials I'm meter like you guys, and you all the news reports are all participation trophy idiots. Yeah. I know they're out there somewhere.

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