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Or is it more important to be principled stand for something in this case, an anti racist Ah, you know, bend in a monk here amongst your promotion, and I think we're finding out the answer. Then again, I'm not like decrying Dana White and I'm not putting him in the you know in a bad place, but The fact that he won't address this is frightful. He did address that. He just said, I'm not gonna muzzle anybody. He absolutely addressed that. He didn't just say no comment, he said. This is in essence, this is how we do business. And if you don't like it Don't watch or don't come. That's pretty much what he said. And unfortunately, that's going to happen and I don't know because it's as twisted as this is, Boy. This is going to get people to reach for that, You know, $50 for paper view. It's going to teak. There's been great technical fights lately. I don't dispute that. Where's the splash? Where's the juice? There's Where's like energy. Where's the story line? There is none. I mean, Tyron Woodley lost this fight, not because he supports black lives matter. Azaz, he said. As Colby Covington said, This is his quote. He's a communist. He's a Marxist. He stands for criminals. He hates America. That's why he got broke tonight. He lost because, as you just mentioned Tyron Woodley is a technical fighter, right? He's a wrestler who learned to be an intimate fighter and was a champion for the UFC. But he's very technical and emotional, violent sport like the UFC. Sometimes you need a you need a little extra little something else. You D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! That's why he lost not because of You know the narrative. That the victor is creating. That is Koba Colby Covington is creating, And so is it dangerous? I mean, that could be it could be, But it's not because right now this this the arenas are empty and there is no hangover other than the story gets told, unless You know all of the other fighters in the UFC promotion band together and say where we refuse to fight him, you know is much that's not gonna happen. I know it's not going to be all lined up to fight him. Out of anger, but what's but what's But what's worse, anger or apathy that well in the fight game apathy. Yes, that's what I mean. So but no, I'm meeting that's more detrimental to the people who if they follow what you said to be apathetic to a guy that's gonna put money in your pocket is bad for you. Yeah, I know. That's what I'm saying. And that's the problem. So you'd rather lineup and try to kick his ass. Here's the other thing you have to consider if President Trump called them Trump call them and it President Trump gets reelected. You know Covington's got four more years. You know to to do this now, If Trump is not elected, you know, Suddenly the hat that he wears is it's not as it doesn't matter as much of it kind of goes away a little bit for sure. Not that he can't you know, Rifle off, you know, inflammatory things, Whatever. But I to me. I don't know. This is really To make the UFC has become a little bit. And as I think it's a good analogy, you know, there's you know, I used to love wrestling and there were just certain matches where you've got a great technician. That guy's phenomenal Leo Ricky Steamboat was a great nominal wrestler. But after a while you needed Ricky in the ring with a guy who could work the microphone because you just did to that extra pop that splash tohave. You know, Two guys roll around like Bret Harte and Ricky Steamboat or somebody like that. For an hour. Yeah, I love that because I was a real wrestling fan. But the average fan needs that juice that, like Piper would draw you in with the microphone. And right now, you got a lot of steam boats and ah lot of bread. I know this is an antiquated reference. I get that, but Ah lot of steamboats and bred horse rolled around the octagon, but not a lot of pipers. And you need a piper. You need a Roddy Piper in the fight game. He wants to be a heel. He was the bad guy and He's he's embracing being the bad guy. He's just doing it very close to the edge. So yeah, very, very close. Very no doubt know, no doubt. No, I mean in certain spots. He's crossing the edge. Yeah, Look, The ironic thing is that in the old WW.

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