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Is tonight i'm going to read you the on base percentages of the phillies centers into this is the lineup i'm not gonna do batting average because i don't think that's how we should be looking at any way and plus that's even more depressing here your base percentages three seventy one three sixty four both are good hernandez hoskins kingery to sixty nine not good enough santana three forty three that's good i'll tear three oh six which is amazing because he's a one eighty three padding average franco to eighty two valentine has a play to ninety six to ninety five they have multiple guys they've won to four guys on base under three hundred that's pretty galvez kind of offense you can't survive like that they need to get on base more than eight to hit more otherwise this promising season is going to be very frustrating as they go through the rest of this month eight eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four nine four nine four on your att verizon wireless someone's if you want to vet if you want to hop in we'll come back your phone calls and and i will we'll have our inner gave when we get back because we'll touch on a couple of positives from tonight that gabe kaplan touched on in the post game show but it was mostly negative the phillies were awful to night we'll come back this is the final out sports radio ninety four wip nick foles equals sits down for a conversation about faith family and football with twelve ten wpa dom jere dunno june twentyseventh at calvary church of southampton brought to you by bush auto group tickets are on sale now at twelve ten w h t dot com slash speakers series thinking about buying a new vehicle this summer visit push auto group com with over one thousand vehicles to choose from savings that'll make your wallet happy and customer service to rival the competition you always do better.

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