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The plate tracks a year ago michael mcdowell has six total top ten finishes in his career five of them have come right here at daytona right now he is second austin dillon winner of the daytona five hundred runs third the man who runs fourth let a tunnel apps in the five hundred back in february ryan laney and rounding out the top five twenty four laps complete at the moment is austin austin dillon's brother tie but nascar cup series is in florida number two of three visits this year we started off the season here at the world center of racing back at daytona now for this july classic and of course we wrap up the season at homestead miami speedway for the running of four championship weekend determining the championship and all three of nascar's top series mad feature is joined us he's the president of homestead miami speedway i guess you guys are getting things already to go you got a little bit of time to work on it little bit of time we were always working joe and you know with the great thing about being up here tonight is it is the halfway point of the season and from here on out it's all about miami we couldn't be more excited for ford championship weekend that such a perfect time of the year in november were in most of the country it's cold and there's so many things to do where you are besides just going to the racetrack no you're right it's a great place to be the weekend before thanksgiving about eighty one degrees no humidity and then you've got everything south florida has to offer whether it's the keys and all the fishing and great things down there or everything that miami has to offer not to mention incredible race track in great partners in ford i it's always a big party for championship weekend and you were telling me there's some special things you have lined up this year we do we've got a lot of great things going on we're actually going for the first time ever in the history of homestead miami speedway we're going to have a human cannonball that's going to be a lot of fun to kick the race off we're adding some some amenities to the overnight camping we have out in turn which is going to be great for lots lottery really good stuff happening but again it's all about championship racing camping world truck series experienced series in the monster energy series it's going to be absolutely before you know it we will be there that'll be the week have november the eighteenth matt thanks for coming by and we'll see you soon and homestead inkster appreciate it matt nature from homestead.

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