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Maybe a third of the way and just like this is so not worth of lawyer. I think it's lulu all those signals and stuff are near impossible in that game. So we'll they talk about that game. Something thirty jumps. You got the attacks scarf which boosts your attack. But i wanted to get that i hit. My record was eleven. And i just didn't care it's hard on into mean yes. I can press the button. Okay but still. It's it's hard not the same and it takes a piece of soda us something. That's not healing. Every time did yeah. I mean i could just save state. Keep trying over and over again. I tried like once or twice. I'm like screw this. I ain't doing this. I don't have the patience. Or the northern need so like i should have fought jinx. But i just didn't i was like i'll come back and fight jinx before i beat the game and i. I didn't come back until i forgot about that. Mantra tom because in order to get the mantra otani you have to go through. Amazing maze a desert and all sorts of other things. Get there is not not fun. And there's a hidden casino. Which i didn't even see this time. Yeah there's another thing i knew of but i i didn't bother trying to get it. I forgot it existed. Because i didn't even go cavs super nintendo rpg without a casino somewhere and it was allowed ten billion so many games. Especially that era holy crap would censor somebody dumb things right. They didn't center casino sensor beer. They censor bar. Yeah that's fair birth on you to cafes bars. Yeah they're not drinking no drinking mill. Yeah they're not drunk well. Their kids people are six cider. Deliver the cider. The being valued is where you you go through. Bean valued giant piranha plant boss. Which is kinda cool. Because you have another mario staple enemy uh-huh so then you have to climb up vines to get this place for. I knew what i was doing this. I'm like oh. Mike's have a hell of a time with this was terrible on touch me. It took me over ten tries a lineup to jump to jump onto a vine and some ten to tony guys. I would say and i was just reloading. I wasn't climbing back up. And once i got it it save and we didn't do it again. It was it was miserable on on a touchscreen. Don't wanna do it that way I imagine this is not a good game plan. I only did it for convenience sake. That's why you have to actually do something you beside look at played pokemon snap on it over or whenever the hell did that time. I was twenty two thousand miles a long time ago. It was like five years ago. It was like it doesn't it man. I wish i had fought jinx. Gives you some good stuff. That was another staple the kind of carry on. 'cause paper. Mark has the doj. Oh two or you can fight the inhabitants. Get different gear. that's cool..

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