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Gillian Anderson about the six month anniversary of the events of January 6th the capital Riot. Um and yesterday I kid you not and I'm sorry. I know that it's just become a hackneyed sort of rhetorical device that so many people use, but I think in this case, I really do need to say this. This is not the onion. This is not the Babylon bee. This is not parody. This is not satire. Yesterday, the FBI revealed the latest with regard to their evidence about you know, Pearl Harbor two point Oh, the most the worst. In fact, it is worse than 9 11. We've been told. This is the most existential threat to our American Constitutional Republic, said Joe Biden, although he would never use the words Constitutional Republic because he doesn't believe or a republic. Nor really cares about the Constitution. But he doesn't existential threat to our democracy, Joe Biden said, was January six. Here's the latest. I'm not kidding. The latest piece of smoking gun evidence is the Lego set, as if that was like You know? The smoking gun that is older than you said. It's just ridiculous. Like that was the crime. We literally have video of bombs. We were told that were planted by the DNC and by the RNC and I'm not by the DNC. By the building, but yeah, Yeah, I made it sound like the DNC planted the bombs. Although, you know, they cracked the case they crash have video of the guy who dropped what was alleged to be bombs right outside the headquarters of the DNC and outside the headquarters of the RNC. We still have no new information about that. We don't see anything about that. But we've arrested a grandma. Who was wearing a maga hat with an American flag standing in the return, and she wasn't supposed to be there, and I noticed she was trespassing. But you don't throw her in the clink for six months without food or water because she was trespassing in the rotunda, and now we have This. The FBI building its case against the January six capital Ho riot, They said they seized they had to seize this a fully constructed US Capitol Lego set. As as if this was some sort of planning model that they were used. Yeah, it was part of the plan to take in the capital. A lot of this wasn't didn't seem to be planned or anything, but especially for the work. I have put together like a set. You know, it's kind of ironic is the White House themselves has stacks of Lego sets in the shape of the Lincoln Memorial White House did they give away as presents? Kids and stuff? I mean, what did they have to do with this? And we'll those species? You know what Now that you mention of? That probably will be some of the evidence connecting But you make a great point. If this if this fully constructed us Capitol Lego set is part of this pre planning that was being done there doesn't that sort of blow apart the impeachment articles that said that this was all spontaneously inspired by Donald Trump's speech that he gave on them all that day. If either it was preplanned by these militia groups ahead of time with their Lego set as the road map, or it was inspired by Donald Trump with his speech that day, you can't have it both ways. Was told that Trump whip them into a frenzy. And they had no choice but to attack the capital. They had no choice. There was all Trump, you know Legos aside, right? That's just a red herring. So I just want to come clean here. My kids have constructed of fully, uh, developed and finalized Lego set of the death star. They like their star Wars Legos. They have a Millennium Falcon and a death star, and they've worked on it for quite some time. It took forever to do, but they did it. Now we know that the death star has been blown up by by rebels Expect the house to be knocked on the door of the FBI agent doesn't mean they should be implicated in this. It's like a joke. It's a joke. The joke show it's Outrageous to the ones they made of one of 140 arrests So far, People are still in prison without any any any something solitary confinement, But I mean, we saw hundreds of thousands of damages and, you know, don't across America. People are lighting things on fire. We saw you know what happened Teeth and the BLM in front of the White House. We saw that churches set on fire, You know, murders happening the streets. But yes, but that we were paid for their bail. They were let back out into the streets. We have these people setting up Legos going to the Capitol, building the people's house and being arrested and they really want us to take this seriously and take it so seriously. That is an existential threat to our democracy, and their key evidence is a fully constructed Can't wish I find out what they were coloring in their coloring books that said Julie and I must say I have Hurt the bottom of my foot and stubbed my toes on multiple Lego pieces who left in the middle of the night on my family room floor, and they are evil and horrible. These Legos they should be banished. We should get. We need common sense Lego safety laws in this country to protect us, But I don't think we need to connect the dots with this Lego set. So what's the idea that you plan like you were playing? I'm going to enter from this way and yes, like here's the capital. Okay, now, Jim, you're This blue Lego piece here and Bubba, you're this red one. Now you come from this side, and I'll be coming from this side and how accurate like how it's just a totally discovered scale but definitely couldn't find it was floor plans on the Internet? No, not at all. And since Antifa didn't have a fully constructed Lego set of Lafayette Square when they were trying to burn it down in front of the White House last summer. Well, you know, we'll have no arrest there. It's 7 52 on Wael Marlowe's biggest July.

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