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And it's time to start building that way. But it's working. I mean, we're three games in. Again, I thought they were better than the commanders, and they blew out the colts, and they blew out the Chargers at this point. And, you know, yeah, the Chargers, you know, Justin Herbert playing with the rib injury, maybe not quite himself, had an unfortunate tipped interception. Near his own goal line early in this game, that sort of set them back, but this was for the most part. I mean, James Robinson went all over the place. It just felt like one team that just sort of forced its will on the other team. Yeah, you know what the really the unsexy truth about this is and I mean, it was very obvious last week against the colts, but I thought fairly obvious this week too. Dave the best run defense in the NFL right now. And it's not close. And that's wild to me. They did some good things defensively this off season. I mean, Devin Lloyd looks like he's gonna be a star in this league, foy side all the coon, great off season edition. I think that they're putting this thing together. And I think that we all saw trevon walker as a player who could maybe not make any headlines, but be the kind of what's that stuff, what's that guy who, you know, when there's like the water coming out of the tank on the infomercial he just slaps it up and stops it, you know? Flex seal. Yes, yep. Yeah, he could be flex seal, you know? And so I think that they've got this whole thing working right now. I think Austin Eckler had what four carries for 5 yards. Yesterday? Yeah. Pretty incredible. It's changed in here. And if you're the Chargers, you're bummed out. I'm still bullish on the Chargers. I think they'll be fine once they get their quarterback breathing properly. Again, but this was also something of a reminder that they're just not very good at linebacker position and they got run over. That's kind of how it went. I don't know. That's not a fatal flaw for any team in 2022, but it's a big flaw for this team. And it just sort of rears its ugly head every once in a while. I have one complaint about the Jaguar scary, and then I have one question about the Chargers that I want to ask you. Okay. One complaint about the Jaguars and maybe this is like phase two of the plan. Travis Etienne looks so explosive and I feel like he's a little underutilized. Yes or no. Yeah, I could sign on to that. I don't think it's hugely problematic. And look, he had some trouble catching the ball. When they lost week one, I don't know if that makes you think twice about it, or maybe just say, okay, well, this guy's got to kind of get used to the speed of the NFL game at this point.

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