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Today are like sometimes with Bacon or eggs with one where will control. He's not really or like contrary so some are different than they were for her growing up and some things. Just aren't cynthia. How do you think autism is affected you as an adult. Because when i go to the doctor like they're usually like all you're an adult now here parents can't be here with you like your dad and your mom because we ought to ask you really personal questions and now your dog knows you have to talk with the doctor with your mom or your dad and its by law so if you have a warrior you know who knows you know they can be with you or not. They say parents can't be you're on this. You have like a Are they gonna like something like to your parents to be around with a doctor or lake when fuller like all di while your parents to be here with you when we talk or not. They charted like confused their educational talks. So that new being all the parents. Here not That's what like. Since i was a minor thing would never asked me or do those things like cumin of all like. I don't even know who might physical doctors to beyond honest. I don't even know where she is or who he is because he keeps changing doctors. Is it easy to make friends ever since like. I've had like not good friends because they like sometimes how things to do like we're like oh i gotta go now. Whatever like i'll just like trusting people's really hard for me because like also in the past. I've date of the good france and it's just like i just like it's hard for me to trust people's as win the hard for me like to make ferns and socialize with people. What is a good friendship or good. Friendship is someone you can trust someone like that. Here's someone that doesn't do like shady beans just like tell you on. It's not true. Like design like always get you in trouble. They just cared about. You trust you trust that person and you you like when you talk to that person like that personal toll anything like on say anything unless it's like you know like feifer death like new water. True friend is for me. What do people do that makes you not trust them. Glenk wise gets me in trouble. Like always like saying something is not true. Like doesn't like talk to you. Answer your phone calls always ignores you like you don't exist. There.

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