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Unemployment rate now stands at 8.4%. That's down from just about 10% in July and nearly 15% in April. Resident Trumps celebrated the news writing in a tweet that unemployment has dropped much faster than expected. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer responding to the president, tweeting back 8.4% unemployment is nothing to brag about. The current rate is now below the peak during the financial crisis, but it's still higher than in many previous recessions. Elizabeth Chelsea. ABC News Washington also today permanent job losses increasing by more than half a million to 3.4 million. In time. There was some good news out of Washington today. We could use that It appears the government could avoid a shutdown at the end of the month Out. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House have reportedly come to an agreement to work on a stopgap funding bill. Now the government is set to run out of cash at the end of the month again. September 30th of a deal can't be made. This would be separate by the way from the talks on that brand new covert 19 relief package. Obviously, they have essentially been struggling as of late, not much movement on either side. But next week, Republicans are expected to roll out another attempted a package ranking members calling this one focused and targeted. National Economic Council chief Larry Kudlow says he wants to hit on three things. A man should here has been schools. And kids and jobs. Democrats so far have agreed to cut about a trillion dollars from their package to make some kind of compromise. But they say whatever package comes out of capital Hill has to include a boost for unemployment and there needs to be money for local governments. 2 18 and you serving out this week from The New York Times shows just how far the Cupid 19 virus is spreading on college campuses. The survey shows over 51,000 cases of Cove in 19 at more than 1000 colleges since the pandemic started. A state with the highest number of infections is Texas with more than 6100 at 63 schools. Recent outbreaks have led to shutdowns of campuses, including SUNY Oneonta in upstate New York, which is sending students home for the semester. I kind of thought I was going to happen, but I think it's gonna happen this soon More than 500 people have tested positive following several parties. Wendy Gillette, CBS NEWS New York Out in Western Mass. A middle school in Great Barrington has a new name this week. Berkshire Eagle reporting Monument Valley Regional Middle School will now be called the W. E B. Du Boy. Du Bois, regional Middle school, civil rights activist and scholar spent the early years of his life in Great Barrington, Members of the regional school committee unanimously voted to approve that name change yesterday. Meantime, a new name is coming for the cemetery where one of the best known leaders of the Confederacy is buried. Lexington, Virginia City Council members including Dennis Ares approved emotion, which will rename Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery as Oak Grove Cemetery. Confederate General Stonewall Jackson owned slaves and fought to defend that right. He was buried in the cemetery. Not far from the Virginia military Institute more than 150 years ago, Jim Krystle CBS News and over to the South Shore now where police say someone has vandalized Plymouth Rock. I found the vandalism earlier this morning, and they say somebody poured white paint all over it. It's not clear who did it. But officials are looking into this. Of course, that's not the first time the rock has been vandalised recently. Earlier this year, a 17 year old was charged with spray painting the rock red. And a world class art institution is taking more steps now to make everyone feel more Welcome. Boston's Museum of Fine Arts, stung by allegations of racism, has now appointed its first director of belonging and inclusion. The museum has named Rosa Rodriguez Williams to the senior opposed, saying she will play a critical role in delivering on the face promise to be a museum for all of Boston in 2019, the MFA was accused of racism after block middle school students said they were harassed and mistreated on a class trip by The museum patrons and a staff member, one allegedly told the Children, no food, no drink and no watermelon. The museum's director, has publicly apologized Band to visitors launched an internal investigation and hired a law firm for an independent review is one of the most prestigious our institutions in the world, marking out the 150th year in 2020 teeny gal. W. Busy Boston's NewsRadio smart speakers are.

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