Sheila Jackson-Lee, Bill Hutchison, Senate discussed on Michael Berry


Have never seen Sheila jackson-lee behave in this manner. I've never seen her refused to give a public statement and go on air. Whether to defend herself, not first time, she'd been accused of things whether to defend herself or stake her claim. And I've never seen her resigned from a position. This woman is power hungry. Every year. I was on city council. She would she would leak the information that she was running for mayor. She would want everybody to think she was running for mayor. So she could get more attention. She would leak information. She was running for the Senate Eissa laugh. French fine run run against K Bill Hutchison. They let's see how that works out for you. Sweet. Sweetheart that that that'd be fun to watch for her to resign from to public positions. Like this very public positions. For her to refuse to speak publicly for other members of congress. I'm gonna tell you this and you're gonna have to trust me. Politicians in Houston. Not just Republicans. But Democrats, especially they hate her politicians in DC hate her. But they're all afraid to take her on because she's mean vicious and she fights to win if they since she is vulnerable, and they can find a replacement. This is the moment. There's blood.

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