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Fatally stabbing a woman at a Bart station in Oakland could face the death penalty. Prosecutors have added the special enhancement of lying in wait to the charges against John cowl. He has already been charged with murder in the death of eighteen year old NIA Wilson who was killed while changing trains at a station in Oakland. Cow is also charged with attempted murder in the attack that also wounded Wilson sister. He appeared in court for the first time yesterday and did not interrupt plea Agius. Terry rouse reports authorities are still investigating a motive for the attack. But his lawyer says he suffers from severe mental illness. The first step in a trial more than forty years in the making is taken today in California. Jim Rupe has more on the case of the so-called Golden State killer. It was a crime spree that terrorized the entire state in the nineteen seventies and eighties at least thirteen murders more than fifty rapes and dozens of kidnappings and robberies, prosecutors believe they have their man and he is seventy two year old. Joseph Di, Angelo, this human predator took a path through all of these counties and wherever he went, he left the wake of terror. Tony recognises one of sixty as. From southern to northern California who've decided to jointly prosecute the Angelo in one. Trial that will be held in Sacramento the Angelo's expected in a Sacramento courtroom today to. Answer to the charges I'm Jim Roope convicted killer in Oakland punched his attorney in the face after being sentenced to fifty years to life in prison. Old Melvin Allen was convicted of fatally shooting a Berkeley activists during a fight in. West Oakland last year he used his left hand they hit defense attorney David Brydon. On the right side of his face the lawyer says he'll be. Okay but battery charges could be filed we'll update that. Commute in San Jose the crash has been cleared on northbound two eighty but the damage has been. Done Mark.

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