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Gimmick where. My Dad's slid in the rain. Ed Gotten Brian's face and he pointed and I turned around. I whacked him with the Bat. When aerob- is like one of those woeful ball beds and he he sold into my dad picking him up for the fireman's carry he slipped off and got super kicked the door so that wasn't in? My Dad got color for the first taught me said you got a little paper cut on. He's like we were laying there so and he goes look a color. Is Your Dad your size or bigger six foot. Okay I think those genes. Oh Wow moms four ten genes. Yeah Gotcha Gotcha Gotcha. So and what was it like for you. I was going to ask before when you came to all in for example the first time here in the battle royal. I remember what you did because there was a lot of people in that battle royal that I think that actually is why got signed. I did a lot in that. I feel like a lot more than I should have coming in being as new as I was and as fresh as I was I. R I gotta lot in you know but bully barberie wanted to to work with me for some reason which was understands bully ray fully. I loved it all about it but he made me look like a million bucks. So he's he's the reason I got just about every spot in that. I did him and dreamer or the two that that made sure that I was getting that much I had a face awful bully ray cool I want to his bellybutton got saved by Billy Gunn right there. I eliminated Mussa suit Impact and then what else I hit that. I hit that in that code. Breaker deal on Brian Cage. I'M GONNA have to show you that if you've never seen it on my show to you later. Feel it if I could buy probably so unless we come down to the radio like everybody's in their just screwing around everyone spring boarding cuties space flying cars. You're doing a springboard which would be like me and like a ten foot tall springboard robes. Come up to my man. I hate all you guys. It's like every single personnel athletic just came into the business that way and I'm like Geez each man I said of Jerry. Lynn remember the days when we used to be high fliers an Jerry Lenses coolers as we start to wind down here have you had a chance has to meet like besides guys in this locker room when you mentioned big show or cane or have you ever chat met any of those guys at all. I wish I if I met the big shot probably cry. Let's to be honest. He's love him he's the best guy I wanted him so bad. I'm hoping I'm sure it will happen. I find out to your and he'd love you. I love that when you talk about wrestle do those types of sidings and stuff no. I've never done a van. While Gotcha just hanging out I was there refer Wrestlemainia my buddies that I was had airbnb with. They wanted to wrestle con. So when paid way too much money to go to Russell on and now people are GonNa the pay too much ready to you. That's what it's about baby baby because every week you're on TV just gives your career more more lunged in the back end. Yeah and you know I was. I was talking about To Jack in Austin source I was like you know twenty years down the road. We're going to be booked at the indies as these legends gene. We're going to be the the legends like the WCW guys are getting booked. Now because it's arresting express reunion. Yeah drew pictures available hundred bucks a picture picture and you're on the cruise this. Yeah I am. I'm so excited for that Iowa on a cruise. One time in high school I was I was acquired. Good and we went Choir I sing. I was actually GonNa tell you we should jam out sometime Kind of saying like I do soprano or is they met so I could hit I was I started out as a base and my freshman year I was a base and then they. They moved me to tenor. Because whoa how hard is that like so many people are in your choir. There is a good amount. We want a lot competitions. Ten Twenty people from twenty to thirty. And everybody's in harmony and that's crazy man. So what is your tenure enquire. How many other tenors is there okay? So there's probably about eight guys guys. Eight eight eight to ten guys. So there'd be it would be split in half there'd be like four or five bases in like four or five tenors. which is For those of you. That don't I don't know tenor. Is the the guys that higher and the basis guys at seeing lower and then you had to bear tones. You had a couple of those every once in a while but does specific songs I think and whether it's the girls in it too. Yeah of course. They kind of Sopranos and Altos got. Altos would be the The lower notes for the girls so often do you have to rehearse for for that we did it every day every every day during school and school choir high school choir. We've got to. We traveled a lot for a high school choir though we went to Disney three times and we went on a cruise to Nassau go. That's where we're going to stay now. I'm so excited because I was underage John that crews and now I'm not aunt make sure you bring your. Id because still not sure you're not want us here last couple of questions for you man. Who Do you WANNA wrestle missile here in a W J cater that would be and I feel like just the spectacle of them attribute nuts? Yeah and there. There's a good story to be told there. There's a lot of evade and get away from him type stuff that we could do Think I'm trying to learn or not learn. I say that a lot. I'm trying to put more conveyed stuff in my move set and stayed. Yeah get away from people instead of that's like we did last week with the one-two-three in between his legs. Oh my gosh. I'm I'm was not myself out. No I hit a shin. He's got the hardest in ever felt in my life. GotTa be careful. I thought I took a chair shot running under there. Okay who's WHO's the favorite matches you've ever had one of my buddies on the Independent. He goes by Jackson Crowley had one of my favorite matches probably one of the dumbest match onto but we just had such great chemistry voice. Connect with one of the dumbest batches fell off a balcony through table. Guys Badge Annella guys. That's where I come from. I don't know why you a lot of stuff I do. This Jackson is there another one that stands up for a guy named Kate was a fun one and then a guy named KTBS called beasts. He's he's the guy that I hit that I move on and she had a lot of matches year I haven't I haven't put any matches up yet from aws. Because I I don't feel like I've hit my the Pentagon that was a good match. That was a fun on. I doubt one I will put that one and actually was a fun one. I I still have scars from now on from from what the chops and saw scarves overhead Mexican shops. Because there's something else which favorite match you've ever seen any versus Rey. Halloween Halloween havoc ninety seven. Classic Ray was wearing his purple or is it. The Phantom is the name of as as my favorite match of all time. I heard you can tell me if this is true or not. Maybe that they did a lot of that on the fly really cold a lot of stuff on the flight but plus to those guys had worked so many times so so when you work a lot of times were little different than they did. Call a lot of the stuff but you also you also made a lot of it on the fly especially if you had chemistry with the guy. I used to work with Dean every week two three times a week. And you just go in there and high spot a heist bubby try this. Try that I remember one time. We had the Russell until the Mexican contingent got there because it was the first three matches role Mexican Lucia doors and the Dean and they didn't show show up. 'cause they're all traveling together and a big Van Indian had going I until they got there but we didn't know how far they were. So we work for forty five minutes trying to match where you you don't know how much time you have how long you have to go when the finishes when the heat is it's like I started as a baby face then. We went so long that it turned heel salon that I went back baby face. And that's what you're just telling you know. Keep going just working until someone came out and went like heck is literally forty five minutes it was. It was the most Leandra longest match. But we had you know time in chemistry so this Johnstown Pennsylvania they go some. Well Kumar stunt. We've got a big big match today. So what are you looking for the crews looking for some chicks or you're going to drink drink drinker. You guys are three times. Oh Matana with us. Give me one little note they give me something. I don't know if I can do that to me. One gotta go.

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