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My kids are still relative. My youngest is 12. But the early years with him, I wasn't around a lot, and my older kids were teenagers. I missed a lot of tea stuff. So I mean, it depends what your personality is like. I mean, if you're a family person, I would say take what I would do differently is take that time at the airlines and being able to walk away from it and experience the home life and kind of do that. That's where I kind of would have done things a little bit differently. But if you're not in that predicament, I mean, I would just say go for it, man. Anything that you're doing is going to be different and it is going to contribute to things in your life that probably we'll look back on as positive, even if they're not positive in the moment. So I mean, there's a million things you can do entrepreneurial outside of aviation. I have a friend that I have a friend that owns ATMs and he's a pilot, you know? Hey man, you got to make your money somehow. Someone has done an ATM. Yeah, another buddy of mine was a cargo hauler for Atlas and he started a job hauling junk like Sanford and son. And he's making money doing that. That's awesome. Being a pilot, you have a very unique opportunity to use some off time to do other stuff. And you can do a lot with it. Absolutely. Absolutely, man. It's a unique field in that respect for sure. Or start a podcast. Start a podcast or do a 189 episodes of podcasts, yeah. Wow. Impressive. I know, man, a lot. So talk a little bit about the future for you. What's coming next? I know you maybe you can't speak to a certain specifics, but talk a little bit about your new goals, what you're looking forward to in the future. I don't really, I want to slow down with the new stuff. I want to keep focusing on what I do. And I want to improve, I'm thinking about diversifying the business into regional operations. I feel like I'm doing too much right now. So I still want to keep doing charting the course that I set out on and doing the same stuff. But I want to empower others around me to take on more of a responsibility to focus on my little regional area, not geographically, of course, because just because of a trip originates in the United States, I still go everywhere in the world or originate somewhere else that comes back to the United States, but you know, I mean, I think I want to be less of a maniac. I want to play more gall. I want to, you know, I'm 44. I'm starting to not be able to wake up in the morning and feel great every day. I need to be more active. I'm going to start, I think I'm going to start paying more attention to myself. While trying to ensure the business stays successful. I mean, I think that's really and it's kind of a boring answer, but that's hard to do though. That's much easier said than done. It's funny because I'm still 31, so I don't know if I'm going to hit that rage. Maybe I have, but you kind of just do whatever it takes to build something. And then understanding the fact that either one, it's too much or two, it's time for you to reevaluate what's important to you and how you want to live your life. And it's do take a step back. Do you trust more people responsibility? How do you go about that? That could be more stressful than the whole building of the company. Totally. And I don't think it's as much stepping back as it is the sidestepping into kind of like a different I mean, I will never stop flying until I'm forced to because I love it. I mean, I still love it. I mean, I especially love it now that I'm not at the airlines. And so, and I also have an aerostar. So I fly general aviation and stuff, which is fun. I do like pilots and pause, dog flights and fly the air star around and that's always a maintenance pigs. I'm always trying to figure out what I'm going to do next with that thing. But yeah, I mean, I think more or less I want to coast with the business, still continue to grow it and seek opportunities, but on the other hand, I need less stress in my life. I think I said it before. I feel like kind of at the pace that I've maintained for the last ten to 15 years. I'm headed for an early grave. If I don't start taking care of myself physically, and I love golf, right? So for me, it's all about blame more golf. I just go back from chambers bay yesterday. This morning I landed from Seattle on a red eye. I went out to the Seattle to play chambers, and it was awesome. And I need to do more stuff like that, you know? A challenger to do it. Live your life. Yes, sir. Well, cool. I have some rapid fire questions for you, then we can wrap it up real quick. These are just very rapid fire, quick questions. And whenever you're ready. Yep. What's your favorite airplane ever made? It's hard. The aerostar. I bought one. Favorite corporate plan ever made. Corporate jet. Oh, falcon. Falcon 7 X got to ride one. Favorite airliner. 777. Ugliest airplane you've ever seen in your life? Shorts three 30. I say the piaggio and people get mad at me for that one, but I just do not like the way the piaggio looks. Not a kennard guy. It is a weird looking play. And I give you that. What's something you wish you knew before you became a pilot? Oh God, man. Something I wish I knew. That like we talked about in the beginning that it doesn't matter the path you choose, you'll end up in the right one. Own the industry, would you like to meet most? So it could be someone that's died in the past or it could be someone that you know of right now, you never had the chance to meet. I would say, Jimmy, I would say Doolittle. Jimmy Doolittle man. That'd be cool. Yeah. What's your overall favorite thing about aviation? If you could just choose one thing about it, what's your favorite? The ability to get anywhere in the world rapidly travel is key. That's what it is. Favorite overall thing, I just said that, tonight, yeah. What's the hardest approach you've ever thought? Yeah, definitely the VR I'm sorry, this is a straight in approach to Aspen with a circle to land northbound. So I think it was like a VOR alpha circle to land three three. Of all the crazy places you've been in the world and it's still Aspen, that's the craziest place to land. I love it. Yeah, I think so, yeah. What's your favorite approach of our phone? Majuro, the visual end of Majuro, hands down, that's PKM J, and Marshall Islands. Check it out on flight simulator 2021 if you haven't. Or 2020. Shameless plug. What is for flight sim? What's your favorite airport? That would have to also be Majuro places just like nothing else in the world. At least favorite airport you get to land at. Like one, maybe you take this flight and you're like, man, I don't want to do this. There is, yeah, it's not brooksville. It's in it's in northern Florida. I don't know, crestview. Crestview, Florida. We take heavies into there. It's a tiny runway, and it is stressful as all hell. Also, maybe there's a second one. Three three right in Boston and assessment four O two also a bit of a challenge. Oh, yeah. Yeah, that's a nice short one, huh? Yeah. Oh yeah, especially with a split flap on the four O two, man. Coming in there hot. What is your favorite airport food? Say you're connecting to go pick up a big heavy somewhere. You have 30 minutes and then connecting flight and you're getting some fast food. What are you getting? The clam chowder, Bellingham, Washington, back from my allegiant days, would you rather fly over mountains, beaches or cities? Beaches. Anything with beaches is the best is better in my opinion. I'm an ocean guy. Airbus are Boeing. Airbus, favorite airline livery. Current or old, old, I would have to say golf air. L ten 11 in their rainbow tail, unbelievably awesome. And I really like I really also like the it's not that old, but the old northwest airlines silver just before Delta air paint job. That was pretty badass. Long trips are short trips. So like one trip and whatever airplane is long as

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