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Amigos public admission here. I floated the idea of doing animal hosts started watching it and I'm not a fan. I have it is not an I'm into raunchy comedy. I like it raunchier the better. I don't mind being offended. Nothing offends me. I I was not well written as Phil flat forming an interesting, but a huge fan of trading places in three amigos I've seen several times. I mean, Martin short comedy royalty fees. Unbelievable. I gotta say one thing right now. Doctor you don't get you've never seen spies like us. Good. Oh, I thought I thought I was being held out movies. I proclaimed to be a big fan of. But it's interesting like who else in the horror pantheon can produce indelible all-time, great horror and all-time great comedy. I can't think of anyone who would be able to handle that those dual dual duties like that. And it's interesting too because many people call this movie a horror comedy, it is funny. But it's weird because I don't want to this is not the right active because of humor I wanna see subtle, but it's not subtle humor. I mean, but at the same time, you know, what I mean like Rory is slapstick assist. There's a lot of really funny stuff in this movie. But it's it never go veers into like, let's say evil, dead two territory or dead alive. For like, the the humor is almost time for shadowing, you could say, maybe overshadowing the horror because. I think there is a lot of funniness in this. But I think a lot of the humor has to do with the principles of all the actors. They were just incredible the chemistry between Greek bromance before there was a great romance. Oh, yeah. I almost feel like I'm at the circus with my juggling. 'cause I can't for the life of me pick one not the other. There's three indelible where modern where wolf movies, maybe even four if you want to throw ginger snaps in there. We lost Albert Finney recently Wolfson, the howling and an American werewolf in London. And I thought okay, howling hands down the howling is top drawer, just beating out Wilfred, which I loved growing up, which I haven't revisited in years and years and years, and I thought an also ran with the bronze medal winner an American werewolf in London. Awesome movie, but can't compete with the two stalwarts. Now. Like, holy crap. Has this aged will because when I saw this as a kid, it was I don't know. Maybe it was the joke element of it. Almost the two humorous Tucker, Dale versus evil kind of scream kind of funny movie. And then, but there are some real internalized painful moments that the character in endures when he's changing, but that a lot of that is traditional comes to the wolf man tail because you didn't mention the Wolfman needed the universal horror with lawn Cheney junior playing Larry towel bid. And I mean, I love it. Because again, the Wolfman is or the where wills mostly depicted cinematic, by the way, the howling incredible. All moves you mentioned are haven't seen wolf in. But as far as I mean, yes, we did lose album Finney, he'll always be dying or bucks to me. Pence done some some great wonderful actor recipes for sure, but the thing about the Wolfman is again, we have so much Patos in the character because it's not someone who's inherently evil. I'm going right quite the opposite. In fact, he's so lovable David Naughton as this character. David David yet. Yeah. I'm going back to. But again, I'm I'm talking about lawn. This law similarities between Lon Chaney as Larry Talbot. And there's

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