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Fema, he may not have the same skills, but also says some of his counterparts at one 35. I may not have the same power, may not have the same attributes, but he's got something else in him. And the fact that he's going to be at home with his crowd behind him, however many pack into that massive stadium. I mean, this is going to help and this is his moment. And then you also have to factor in the judging. We saw what happened with Pacquiao and horn. There's this ongoing narrative in boxing where you go on the road. You're going to get hosed. That can play a factor in this fight. It always does, especially on the road in a fight of this magnitude. I think it's going to be a close fight. I think on paper. And in the ring as well, I think kimbo sos may have the power edge, but I think that haney is a damn good boxer, really good defensively and just to go back on your last what we were just talking about. I think that fans are going to have a lot of respect now for haney for signing over on this contract. Like you said, spending a year, I didn't think of it like that, but now that I think about it, he's going to have to spend a long time in there because he wins that first fight. He's got to fight him again. He loses, obviously he'll go back home and fight two more fights with top rank, but taking less money is a lot of ways to look in that too. I think he was obviously overpaid with the zone because they wanted to make a big splash. But it's going to be a very, very close fight. There's a lot of close pick them fights on the boxing schedule. And when the odds come out, I think this will be close to even. My understanding was that lomachenko was literally going to do that. He was going to move to Australia. And hold his full training camp for that fight, and then do the next training camp for that fight. He was going to be there. That was my that's a big ask. That's a big ass. No question about it. You know, jamel, I've always found. The press conference people might have already happened by the time people are listening to this podcast. But if I'm George Campbell's, one of my tactics going into this fight is to get inside Devin Haney's head and convince him that he can't punch. Like the biggest weakness I think to Devin Haney is that he's so badly wants to be a power puncher, like he wants to be regarded as someone with heavy hands. That's just not his thing. He can hit. Don't get me wrong, he's knocked out a lot of guys in his career, and he's hurt a lot of guys in his career, but that's not his best attribute. He is an excellent boxer in every way, shape and form. Tell me what do you think of this? I think Cambodia should just spend the next two months trying to convince Devin that he's soft that he won't bang with him that he won't get in the ring and trade because if Devin has that mindset in the fight, I think that gives George his best chance to win 'cause I don't think jamel, I don't think George can win a straight boxing match against Devin Haiti. No. I think everything said was correct. I think George needs to be the same George, how he was, even in the build up and postponements with the TLP Lopez fight. Got his head. Got in his head. Exactly. Guy in his head, George, also put it out there that he was just as big of a puncher if not more aggressive at the bigger man. And in the fight and he kind of did impose that same attitude within the fight. So George because it has not only, you know, bring that, you know, I'm bigger man, the bigger punch of mentality going in the build up, but also in the ring, he has to beat the book because if you let, if you get Devin and of space and too much time to think, he's gonna just pick you apart and just, you know, beat you up in the outside, so George has to be not only, you know, not only feel like he's the champion in the real champion, but he has to go in there and be the bigger man during a fight man as well. Yeah, no question about it. I'm curious to see what approach he takes when it comes to that. Dan, let me ask you this. Matchroom invested a lot of money in Devin Haney. Did it surprise you to see them lose out on this fight in favor of the top rank, ESPN deal? Of course. It was, I think, there was something that came out last week or that last week, last year about Devin Haney not having a network align with him. He was working on a fight by fight basis. I didn't know he didn't have a long-term deal with matchroom as well. So there is two ways to look at it. It's like, well, a lot of people I see my mentions are saying, you know, he shouldn't Devin Hayes shouldn't have had to take this deal. This is not a good deal for Devin Haynes. He shouldn't have to go to Australia for two fights. He shouldn't have to sign with another promoter. He shouldn't have to go on another network, but on the flip side of things, I'm like, well, where was his commitment from his promoter that he has been with for the last four or 5 years? Why didn't he have a long-term plan with matchroom? Why didn't he have a long-term plan with the zone? So that's interesting to me. The fact that he now has a chance to fight for undisputed, yes, obviously he has to spend a lot of time in Australia, his worst places to be. He's going to be making a lot of money in this fight. And he's going to be able to fight on regular ESPN and I know Christy worked for the zone, but there's no denying that ESPN is a bigger platform, regular ESPN. Then the zone. That to me sounds like a pretty good deal. All things considered. And it's an actual plan. It's a three fight plan that they've given Devin Haney. I'm not saying that match him didn't have a good plan for haney. They got them to this point. They paid him tremendously. They gave him some big time platforms to fight under. But the fact that he now has a three fight plan, two undisputed matchups. And then a potential if he wins those to fight lomachenko, I think there's a 23 years old. I think a lot of fighters would take that and sign on the dotted line very quickly. Yeah, jamel goes back to kind of the top of the discussion. He had to take this deal. I understand he's got a good relationship with Eddie Hearn. He's been paid well by his own and like to dance point, believe me, I would have taken a trip to Australia or two trips to Australia. Hell yeah, I would have gone on one of those trips, but if you're Devin Haney, and you know this as a fighter, like the number of years in your career or finite, you only get certain amount of opportunities. You don't even though he's just 23, you don't want to waste time when this is presented to you. A potential undisputed championship at one 35 and then maybe a shot at one of the top ten pound for pound guys in the world and vasili lomachenko. It's just a no brainer. Oh yeah, of course. And like you pointed out with time, that's not forget that Devin is still a young kid. They're still potentially crawling. So there's no telling there's no telling how long how much longer he even went to be at lightweight. So it was like, you know, you got to take the opportunity one of their hands before you even get the side if you want to move up to maybe fight bigger and different competition. So like you said, it was pretty much for the most part, I know brainer, 'cause I also mentioned earlier, like, what was he gonna do? If he didn't take the deal, we're gonna continue fighting what mandatory challenges and potentially individuals that no one cared to really see. Or was he going to get in the mix of being one of the best in the world himself by fighting for all the belts? I hope just editorializing here. I hope nobody pays the sanctioning fee for the franchise belt. Do not pay that fee. Shove nothing actually, I hope they pull a Riddick bones. Dump it into a garbage. Enough. Enough with that title enough. In every way. Like one 60. Take that and dump it in the trash as well. Like, let's get a big pile of franchise belts to move them. Caught them up. All right, let's move on. Staying in the 135 pound division. Tank Davis is going to be back in the ring in May taking on Raleigh Romero. Tank is faced a lot of criticism, jemel over the years for his choice of opponents or more specifically the opponents that Mayweather promotions has lined up in front of him. He's 27 years old. He'll be 28 in the fall and to date his biggest win and his most notable opponent was Jose pedraza, who's a good win, but that's not an opponent at the highest level. It seems like it's starting to get to tank Davis a little bit. It went on social media this week and suggested that this was what came out and said, actually, that this was the last fight of his deal with Mayweather promotions indicating perhaps that he may move on from them after this flight. What was your take on that? And is it time for tank Davis to maybe take a little bit more control in his career to get the bigger fights? You know, you know, I respect, I respect Leonard and those guys over there who I know personally, but I feel like it's definitely time for tank to have more hands on with his career. I think and I think with him is, you know, he's made all the money that he can dream of. Even at the station's career, 'cause if you look at it, the most part, his career was based on making the most money the most booked and less risk. And I think now that he's seen that all of his peers and those guys around, you know, I'm riding his weight in age and have there been mentioned in the bigger fights and let's be honest here. He has like vibrates with guys like Devin and so and when you see these guys getting more credibility when in their careers, it kind of gets you like, you know, I should be in the mix and included with the best as well. But my career has been so stagnant throughout the past few years. It'll start to get you. I think I was talking to any man. So I think him going to social media is basically him again lash out and acknowledging nowadays he really needs to do something big for his career to basically really be relevant with the bigger names out there as well. Dan, I give May with a promotion is a lot of credit for how they've built him into the star that he is today. He is a bona FIDE attraction in Baltimore, Atlanta, Los Angeles. We assume he'll do pretty well when he fights at the Barclays center in New York. There's no doubt that they've done well with that. But up until this point, he has not had the big fights. And one of my biggest issues with Mayweather promotions is something Floyd said on the record. Effectively, he doesn't want to do deals outside of the PBC universe, and that severely limits you if you're at one 30, one 35, and even at one 40. So, you know, the way I look at it, Dan. If he wants to stay with me with a promotions, by all means, they know him, they know how to build him. But you have to make it clear that you need to get a fight against Ryan García. That is the fight you have to make. Ryan García is back in the ring in April against the manual tago. Tank Davis is back in the ring in May against Raleigh Romero. If both those guys win, there is no reason that fight shouldn't happen in September, October at the latest. You don't have a pay per view obstacle anymore because the zones in pay per view. If you want to do a co pay per view with showtime or with Fox or with whoever, that's doable now as well. Tanks got to get that fight dance. If he can't get that fight this year, I don't know what fight he gets moving forward. I think Jamal made some great points there and the Ryan García fight is the fight to make. It's either wrying or zero or its lomachenko. And I always say like, we'll never know what goes on behind closed doors with these fighters and Jamal you can attest to this. To the fighters and their promoters and what goes on. But we can see we've seen some things. From the horse's mouth. We saw with tank tweeted. We saw that he says that this is the last under my deal. He wouldn't tweet that if he was happy. He wouldn't tweet, that's the reason I'm fighting Rollie Romero. You had Mayweather actually talked about that tweet, too, and said he had a statement on it as well. Acknowledged it too. And you also have me whether saying his point of we're going to keep this in house. And then you take a look around at the picture at one 30, the one Ford me. Majority of those fighters are now under the top rank or ESPN banner. I think tank is looking at that. And there's no doubt that he, his team, Leonard ellerbee, and Mayweather promotions have built him into a bonafide ticket seller in a very good pay per view draw by today's standards. But you can't expect to be on the pound for pound list. You can't expect to be named alongside some of these other great fighters in boxing if you're not fighting the very best or taking those risks. You can't have it both ways. Yes, he's making a lot of money and he's probably one of maybe three or four ticket sellers in all of boxing. Not everyone can do what you just said, Chris, sell out Barclays or sell out Atlanta or sell out LA. That's really hard to do on Sunday nights and stuff. But if you're not fighting the best, you know, it's almost like he's on his own little island. Like he wasn't even in the discussions for this cam boss fight. What's up with that? The fact that this guy brings a lot of fans with them and not only that, he's very good. That's the thing I get a lot of criticism myself throwing my way because people think that I'm a javonte Davis hater at all, man. I think he's one of the top fighters skill wise, but I can't properly gauge how he performs in the ring because he's not fighting a level opponent. But it's getting to the point I think now where he's looking around and he's not at the Canelo level, but he is certainly in a small group of fighters that can dictate the terms of their career and he's what? 28 years old now? We're just talking about he's 28 this fall and we're talking about finite time and boxing. You know, Devin Haney taking this fight of 23. When you get to 28 between 28 and 32, you got to be making the top dollar. This is it. This is the prime of your career in the prime of your life. He has the capabilities in the cloud. Do you want to Davis to go out there and maybe make his own calls? Call his own shots. Maybe take a two fight deal with ESPN or take a two fight deal with the zone or be a free agent still have Al hayman as your adviser, but maybe not have a fully as your promoter. I think if there's only a few or select few in boxing that had that type of capability to do that, javonte Davis is one of them. The Ryan García fight is just there right there for the taking, a lomachenko fight, whether it happens with him in the Ukraine also if I'd want to see, but it's getting to the point with tank that he has to fight someone and I would favor him over a lot of these lightweights. That's the thing. We are you and I then are either president or vice president apparently of the tank Davis hater club because I get the same or stop. All I want to do though is see the guy in big fights. It's the same, it's the same issue I have with your mall Charlotte, like I'm not a Jamal charlo hater, I just don't give a shit about Jamal Charlotte, my check, zelensky, or Jamal Charlotte, Juan montel. I don't care. And most of the time, Chris, these guys don't, they want to fight the best. Charlotte and mongi assigned on the dotted line to fight. But everyone else got in the way. Tank Davis wants all the smoke. He wants to fight all these guys, but you have a promoter that maybe is telling them otherwise like, hey, you can make same amount of money. So a Barclays could sell out Staples. And maybe Isaac Cruz. Fighters are jamel does this better than all of us. Like fighters aren't afraid to get money. I don't believe Jamal Charlotte over the years, not to make this about Charlotte Android. It was sent me down a rabbit hole. I don't want to get back out of. But Charlotte's never afraid of Android. Guys want to fight. It's just the people get in the way. And like, you know, you are defined by who you fight. I mean, to put it in Jamal's context here, like I thought you gained the most off your win over Frampton, which was a high profile win, and even the lost Shakur, like that was like, I mean, these kind of put you more on the map and gave you more credibility than really anything else you'd done. Definitely, definitely. And I feel like I always think it's a sorry excuse when fighters think that they'll get more for this. I always say, I was believed that you get more in your packet with the resume you built in terms of the bigger names, like on your rest, in my opinion. So I don't look at that. Well, I can make this for that. No, I believe that with the bigger fights, you know, the bigger pressures will come. So, and I also, and at the same time, you're still building a legacy and you're fighting guys that people actually care about and we'll talk about your career for years, even after you hang up the gloves. I mean, like if I'm with ten's case, he's a terrific terrific fighter, in my opinion, and like you point you guys for now, he is in contact with one of the best, but at the end of the day, when you sit down and start dissecting things, it's like, okay, you go back to the hot day, but drives it, and then you have to stop and say, well, you know, he fought this guy who was, it was okay, but you know, he couldn't have thought this guy at that time. So I think he said he's in a tough spot. And we all wanted to see how he matches up and does against even guys like tio, Ryan García, campos, those lomachenko and so on. So I think him as a fighter, he's at that point where he knows it's time to maybe make a change, but then his circle and hopefully move on to bigger and better things in the future. And we don't get nice things in boxing all that often. But can we please, can we please get Ryan against tech? Like that is just bombs electricity. Electricity. And bringing in, by the way, to massive and could not be completely different audiences. Like totally different audiences. You got the thing about what that arena would look like that night. Just think about the build up, think about what that arena would look like. I think about all the entertainment companies, all these sporting companies that usually don't give a damn about boxing, jumping in for that fight. Not only that, it's going to be an excellent fight too. Two guys that go for the knockout. I mean, they could fight three times if they really wanted to. But I mean, it has to happen. Like you said, I think we're at a good timing now with Ryan coming back. The business side of things, starting to shake out a little more in the fight happening. I mean, it's just gotten to the point where look at the last three fights of Devin Haney, who people get on him for his resume. I mean, lanais JoJo Diaz, and now George campos. That's pretty damn good. That's maybe the best at lightweight right now. Maybe outside of Cambodia, but you look at tank. I mean, barrios in one 40, gamboa, and Isaac Cruz. I mean, come on, man. You got to step it up, and I think he wants to. And that's what I think that's tweet came from. Man, I just, I want to see it. Bombs away in a fight like that. That'd be so much fun to watch. All right, I want to move on to Shakur Stevenson, who is back on April 30th taking on Oscar baldes. Shakur had some interesting comments in the last week or so. Talking about his place among the best fighters in the world. Shakur, fresh off a tough win over our friend jamel here. Believes he's at the top, or at least can be soon at the top of the pound for pound rankings. Jamel, we'll start with you. You faced him. Do you buy that? I mean, I believe he should be at least being somewhere in that in that conversation, at least being within the path of a panelist. And not because he beat me, but he does, he does possess from what I just for me being inside with him in there. He does possess that the talent and skill to, of course, you know, be considered one of the best out there today. I think I think mobile have to we can all say be serious. That thing was sending with tanks, but you just had to continue adding the names to the resume in order to get to that conversation. And I believe with victory over Oscar Valdez, which I believe he will, he will win, but definitely put him in that list. And you know, who knows where he goes from there, I mean, no one should call because me and Scott actually do speak a lot more often today on this side. I believe that him being that competitive as he is. I don't see him standing at one 30 after this fight. I think he's going to try to throw his name in the hat, especially like you guys point out, the majority of these top names were ESPN and top right now. I think he's going to, he's going to cash in and move up to one 35. And in the near future, to maybe also get a chance to fight for undisputed, but that just the competitive nature of Shakur and I believe if he does that and gets to the game of three divisional world champion, I believe he'll be he can be considered one of the best world with canola on the res as well. Let me just follow up on that jamel before I turn to Dan. You've been in the ring with some good guys. Shakur's skill set. What makes you believe he can be that good? You know, he's great with patience and timing. His heart, it was hard for me to give him the bite in the fall in certain traps. And I don't know if I don't find him myself. Who's a bob shirt in a counter punching myself, being the one who had to be the aggressor attached because he doesn't, it's hard to get him to take any bait and he's great. He's great with his own his ring IQ is tremendous. His coordination is something that is Fred to find even today with other athletes in the ring. So, you know, he just has for me a line of natural skill sets and tools that you can't teach, but he's great and he's great at utilizing them. He may not be the maybe your biggest country, but you know the kids definitely sharp and I think it's even now for college, it's gonna take a lot because we've seen us about this in this last outing before boxer. And you know, in the first 5 rounds or so, he had a lot of issues dealing with the distance at the timing and just getting past that jab and we all know, you know, Shakur is very great with distance and he has a great job. So I think in this type of fighter who keep that same pace and level on fight if you allow them to. So I think it's going to be a hard obstacle and a lot of the decline about this and in that fight. Dan, what do you think of how quickly Shakur can land inside that pound for pound list and maybe climb his way to the top? He's coming. He's coming strong. I think the next 12 to 18 months will be in the top 5. I think he has sustainable skills to be at the top for a long time. That's defense. It only gets hit with 4.7 punches per round. That's 12% over his career. Jamel knows that. I mean, it was to deploying guys when actually did touch him. I'm not going to I was kind of surprised myself because it was like, it was just so frustrating like, yeah, it might go, how does he just like, he just gets out of the way? Just barely misses him. And then he's old, but it's crazy because he's always in rank also the counter and come back. And I think that's the most frustrating thing. And remember, you know, I had a longer reach and I was told I'm taller than Shakur, but just imagine Fight Night without this being the shorter guy now. I'm short of reach. It's going to be a tall order. I'm not saying that that is going to be easily wiped out, but I just think it's going to be, I think, about this is going to see it's going to be very frustrating. You know, just to get through like you guys put out the defense aspect of school first. Yeah, I like the fact that you brought up the biggest puncher, but he's so damn precise. And he hits his spots too. You don't have to have lights out power if you can just hit that spot and be very precise and be very on time..

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