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All when you ask you receive here of the dam patrick show i wanted to know first ballot inductees pro football hall of fame and the baseball hall of fame there have been 75 first ballot inductees in the nfl hall of fame in baseball history just fifty two players went in to the hall of fame on the first ballot yeah that's a continental tire stat of the day the day today at massive debt of the day instead of the day here gums that what statham bob louise year to get in to the nfl hall of fame feels like we're a little more forgiving with that than the baseball hall of fame because you have guys yet bonds in clemens who might not get in and they're considered two of the greatest players of all time so where are we going to hold anybody not do we care about pds in football the i don't know if that hurts rodney harrison he tested positive once coming back from an injury antonio gates's antonio gates going to be a hall of famer everyone calls them all fame only catch the touchdown they say future hall of famer it feels like he is a whole famer i just don't know if we and to a quarterback test positive i don't know if anybody is going to anybody cares it's almost like we say yeah go ahead i don't blame you hide use yeah bo is the quarterback position now harder or easier to get into the hall of fame is the bar higher because forty thousand yards may not do enough for you anymore or is it just super bowl win you would have to have a troy aikman career.

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