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Who came to hear lectures about the civil war Confederate history in southern history the protesters led by the group smash racism Raleigh tried to assemble in front of the hotel but were blocked by a police barricade they also blocked off several lots close to the hotel door no rest and no injuries reported at the event I'm Richard selling Lexington police are identifying the man killed in a hit and run accident the body of forty six year old and Ricky Williams was found Sunday morning on the side of north business twenty nine seventy just north of the Winston road interchange come say the victim had been hit the night before nine anyone who may have witnessed the crash is being asked to call the Lexington PD someone is a brand new millionaire thanks to a purchase in Guilford county a winning Carolina cash five ticket was sold at the Kwik Mart on West Main street in Jamestown Saturday the one point three million dollar ticket matched all five numbers for more news listen to the daily diet the big news stories explained not shouted listen to the daily dive you today on the I heart radio app or where ever you get your favorite podcasts on Mike Moore from the J. D. surface now plumbing heating and air conditioning traffic center slow forty westbound from highway forty two to highway seventy bypass so again forty west bound between highway one and Wade Avenue where heavy five forty westbound false abuse to create more accident Brier creek parkway at Glenwood I'm Scott Barnett how one oh six one FM talk Hadi overnight with scattered showers possible mid fifties rain Tuesday especially through the afternoon even a rumble of thunder.

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