Osama, Chillicothe, President Trump discussed on Bruce Elliott


I'm calling it that that channel so remind the of memory this is a really bad guy right yes well I don't understand what the Democrats just so worked up about will base so worked up about the extra judicial killing of the cell Osama what was his name the Chillicothe something like that now whether that look the digits or demand bad all the time over their brand so they can't just to congratulate the president say you did good it is the the what they're fretting about is not that so the money is dead they're worried about the Iranian response and realistically the United States we have to be on guard Iran will likely try to respond somewhere in the world somehow we just have to be and we have to be ever vigilant because they were you know they were attacking beforehand so it's saying it's a response to civil money is a little bit ridiculous if they just continue what they've been doing but they're couching it in the well this is this is causing more problems this is starting problems this is it they act as though the way to stop Iran from killing Americans is to continue to lead around kill Americans without responding until they tire of it or something so they're they're all of their responses were couched in man now rand's gonna really respond and we've got to watch out this was wrong and we needlessly provoke Iran but somehow ten years plus of Iran killing Americans was not needed needlessly provocative or even really worthy of condemnation I appreciate the call Brian actually I'll right right and just we've got to go but I I'll read some of the responses of the democratic candidates and you can see what I'm talking about when we come back but first imagine losing your ability to hear someone say I love you or the ability to hear a compliment how about just hearing the birds chirping a favorite song or my lovely voice losing your hearing takes its toll on you physically emotionally and socially if this kind of suffering sounds familiar no matter what.

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