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A ferndale police officer being investigated after using a taser on a suspect sending him to the hospital we get more from w w j newsradio nine fifties john hewitt outside police headquarters john greg the forty four year old sterling heights man hospitalized is said to have nonlifethreatening injuries after falling roughly fifteen feet according to police after he was taste as you mentioned by a ferndale officer the chain of events began after the man reportedly entered a home late this morning along spencer street here in ferndale the female resident there had previously taken out a ppo a personal protection order against that man she calls police and when officers arrived they see the suspect running westbound across woodward and then southbound toward eight mile after a foot chase police say they caught up with him and tased him is he climbed over the guardrail along the eight mile service drive causing that man to fall onto the concrete below again his injuries not believed to be lifethreatening ferndale police say they have turned over body camera footage to the oakland county sheriff's department which is now heading up the investigation into this incident in ferndale john hewitt wwe j newsradio nine fifty after being stuck in haiti for several days because of violence in island nation most of the members of missionary group from oakland county are already home the others are back on us soil and expected in michigan sometime tonight don lee and his wife of oakland township led the group to haiti he says they were never afraid we're compound and jake we really safe you know we just knew that there were roads being blocked mission we stayed at all it's very well connected to our state department as well as their government and they were just always this is you know when to travel without to travel device began when the haitian government announced an increase in gas prices wayne state university hosting ninetythree iraqi exchange students beginning today is part of a program teaching leadership skills and community engagement tactics we will be hosting them here the students will be arriving in detroit spending four days here at wayne state university getting exposed to american culture university experiences and getting to know each other that's ahmad as a dean associate vp for educational outreach and international programs at wayne state students encouraged to implement a community engagement plan when they return home to iraq students will also learn about us culture networking social media activism and public speaking wwe news time five oh six why is the auto show here in detroit moving to june ww j auto beat reporter jeff gilbert has been talking to people in the industry arc tober which had been the front runner lost its luster is asian carmakers in particular had said they were committed to other international shows but there aren't any other auto shows in june and that would give detroit this stage to itself won't be exciting and a new way it will be in a certainly a nicer climate keith cranes executive editor of automotive news show organizers on commenting but others in the industry confirmed that in june of twenty twenty the auto show will be a centerpiece of a month long auto celebration that starts with a grand prix and ends with a fireworks jeff gilbert w w j nine fifteen motor city has been deemed.

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