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Now i what i can tell you is yes. There is a risk of of long term complications. There are a whole variety of them that have been described. Everything from myocarditis through the heart muscle to blood clots to neurologic disease without have without following a cohort of one hundred thousand patients. Forward over time. You know we're not going to know. What percentage is this. And what percentage is that and what may be what may contribute to this or what may contribute to that. Those studies are being put together. Now it's not risk-free once you get it you don't walk away us off your knees and get up and go right back to where you were Sarel that's the thing that's so crazy about this herd immunity theory is you don't know which category urine before you get it. I mean i've a friend whose daughter is along holler and she's twelve years old and it's bad it's it's a really it's a really challenging situation to be in and you don't wanna mess around with it. There's one bit of information to walk away with today. It's don't get infected okay. And the way to not get infected is to wear your masks and do your social distancing and don't have company over for thanksgiving and christmas sorry not sorry and especially voiding. Crowds endorse okay. Because that was my question that i sent into myself george. When will it be safe to go to a concert again. Out indoors or outdoors indoors at the fox theater in oakland specifically that broken down. Yet the name of the fox out of your mouth. Don't talk about my favorite theater that way. Well it all depends on what state of the air handling units can do. We've been we've been trying to deal. Help the opera in san francisco was from. Ucsf and we're dealing with one thousand nine hundred state of the art nineteen thirties ventilation systems..

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