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Right now power. I, I like you already if you had the big or read fromm, and I've seen that, but I don't think it work at me very well regions. Don't need. Big red fro is it it's, it's a disturbing is disturbing reality. When you realize that you're just like your. Everybody gets it and hands with better than others. Kids, say. And you certified pilot and crap. Ruhr. Drone pilot occasional craft brewer, like drinking, it more than brew it. It's always a problem. Absolutely. But I really enjoy photography and Viga video Agassi out at the battle this weekend and got some great footage and photos, and get some sick at it's coming, bro. You got to see it wasn't just a blur in the screen. Your own barely kept up with her. She was what fifty yards a head of the pack when she hit the top of the hill. Did you hear me say you look really good today? Your face changed drastically from your first two years third. But no way. Man, I look good the whole way. Okay. Feeling team butter on team butter on. Yeah. That's kind of the group Thursday night riders that we have out of camera, we get together and ride year round on Thursday nights. They were all out there last night on Monday night to everybody was because it's tough conditions after nine hundred the best ever in folks out there, helping clean up to but butter on came about this past year was year, two of a February trip up north to ride the bikes and. There was a stop at a bar and the mayor pulled out a stick of butter. Your imagination go from there since then. Team butter on showed up, actually term came up a couple of weeks ago and we got t-shirts made right away. So we had butter run t-shirts butter run with an end or butter Rome with an end and, and. Iran butter, but. Are you making hot buttered rum, drinks or no 'tatoes, garnish of butter for Chuck Marquette back in February because I'm going all sexual? This weird man. So team butter on will make another annual trip up north and never know what happens different name next year. Better t shirts next year. Butter in Wisconsin have to sell Wisconsin butter in Wisconsin. You can't buy that Irish butter here. Take it Lind told show. It was on the news real man. Okay. It's a legal to sell butter colored margarine Minnesota because you don't wanna fool the people in that they actually buy. You gotta make a yeller margarine interesting. So, okay. All right. Well, any other any other things we want to cover, you know, want to bring up the last bit of come. He wrote the news going gnomes. Husbandry. Trail gnomes. I like them a lot of people don't, but why wouldn't somebody, why was someone not like a trail, no all depends on your on your land managers. Viewpoint of fantasy woodland creatures. Yeah. Some of them are like that ain't real that ain't science. Something. We came across one randomly wino- last couple of weeks ago. We're scouting potential project wine on came around the corner, and hollowed out log. And there's a gnome in a couple game of thrones figuring it does make me so happy when I run into. Yeah. Yeah. Really? Yeah. Hammer nutrition end up, sir. Sugar hidden behind him. Hammer gnomes. We gotta get that Mark that new flavor hammer known Pam or no padding. He's listening. Yeah, he'll bring it in to Mark going. Our second shot out of show, one forty six Dr Mark BARRET. Hey, Hey, how's how's it it going? going? Friday. Well, hey, Mike. It's men just a slice of heaven having you on the show. So thank you so much..

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